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My Logon is finally fixed!

By admin ·
hehe, I was searching for some tech info on failover devices that connect a dial-up (That's right: Dial-Up) device up to your WAN side when all else fails and TR came up. I tried logging in under my old name and PW and it worked! LOL!

I spent MONTHS trying to get TR to fix it after the new "look" came out, and I guess they finally did! Thank You TR :)

It was good to see a lot of you old-timers I so enjoyed forum'ing with still on here, talking bout politics and puters :)

Just thought I'd say: "Hi" :)


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Hey Admin!

by TomSal In reply to My Logon is finally fixed ...

Long time no "read"

Glad to see you back!

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Welcome back, Admin

by maxwell edison In reply to My Logon is finally fixed ...

Long time, no talk.

Same ol' same ol' around here.

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Three-fingered salute!

by GuruOfDos In reply to My Logon is finally fixed ...

We thought you'd hit CTRL-ALT-DEL permanently!

Welcome back...we missed you :-)


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Thx guys!

by admin In reply to My Logon is finally fixed ...

Tom, Max, Guru, it's a sincere pleasure to see you all posting here still :) Kind of like hitting a coffeehouse where one used to live and finding his ol chums still there :>

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