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    My machine Hangs


    by sree_cb ·


    Can u tell me the list of reasons why the Computer always Hangs.

    Thanks & reg’ds

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      it’s got nothing to do?

      but seriously,
      spyware or viruses, look for them by seeing what is running as a Task or Process in the background.
      you can also gather clues called Events in the Event Viewer
      if this is a real question, tell how you reproduce the computer Hanging

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      Reply To: My machine Hangs

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to My machine Hangs

      It is most likely what sgt_schultz stated, but if it is not, run checkdisk to see if your hdd is experiencing problems. Run a defrag, if it is very badly fragmented, this can cause it too.
      If your disk is really full, then it may not have enough room for the page file. In this case, delete some things (like temp IE files, temp files, empty recycle bin, and remove unneeded programs, etc.). If none of our suggestions have helped, please let us know.

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      Reply To: My machine Hangs

      by neil cotton ·

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      Aswell as looking at the task and processes/services, if your computer starts to lag and you can tell that it is going to crash…press ctrl+alt+del and go to the performance tab….keep this running and half your windows sizes…carry on working as normal, making sure you can see the task manager performance display….when it is dying, see if you are having processor overloads, or memory overloads, if neither of these you have either a hard disk problem, or a virus. Hard Drive problems often incure Physical memory problems, as your virutal memory will be full already.

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      Reply To: My machine Hangs

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to My machine Hangs

      You can also try The Ultimate Boot CD available

      If you run this you can do a complete diagnostic of your computer and find out what is going wrong and why.


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