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My manager wants to shift me from IT to Accounts Department

By nasirkahn ·
I am working for my current organization since 8 years. During the period i have served them from UNIX Administration to Linux and from Database Administration to E-mail and Internet.

Now last year my company switch to SAP successfully. During this phase i was involved in data transition from old system INGRES 6.4 to SAP's. Also manages some tasks on BASIS too.

I did Bachelor of Computer Science in 1998 and before that I did Bachelor of Commerce in 1993.

But after serving 8 years in IT department my new manager wants to shift me from his department. The Accounts Department manager is willing to take me as a support staff to all of the guys in his department. At least two are permanent staff to whom i should act as support member to them. So it also not a career shift too.

The Economic condition in my country is not so good and therefore, I.T. jobs are too much limited.

Please do me a fever by giving your suggestions. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? Keep in mind that I have too much little time to take decission.


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It appears that your country isn't much different from mine

by DC_GUY In reply to My manager wants to shift ...

You haven't told us what choices you have. If you don't make the transition to the accounting department, will your manager allow you to keep your existing job?

If jobs are limited there, as they are here, you must be practical and realistic, and make the decision with the best long-term prospects, even if it's not the job you like best.

It might be helpful to transfer into a non-IT department. You might be able to learn more about the company's business, giving you more skills and experience to use in future job searches.

Good luck!

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Lateral Moves

by BFilmFan In reply to My manager wants to shift ...

I would advise making the move based on your statement that the accounts department manager wants you on his team.

I have a suspicion that the Accounts Manager will be making statements to the effect, "well (you) always kept things running before and he does it for us now. Why can't you."

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But the Accounts Chap reluctant to me

by nasirkahn In reply to Lateral Moves

I have further get information that in Accounts department the staff is reluctant to me. Because of my duty which had to perform during the course my current IT job. In which i have to force all of them to get proper approval for any authorization they want.

Contrary to this attitude some of my IT colleague were used to give them without approval.

Secondly, the accounts manager know the compulsion that i m facing i.e. shortage for I.T. jobs in the market or otherwise long long joblessness.

Thirdly, in accounts department one of the person switched to other position and while another will go to annual leaves. And they have year end after 3 months.

So it is precisely obvious that they are using me a toilet paper for just 3 months. After that they will search for the chap for their actual needs.

Please comments... Thanks

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