my modem sucks

By irctrix ·
I am currently using a modem blaster di5630-5 pci 56k modem in my pc and am getting unwanted disconnects at all times dring online use. My brother recently had the modem in his pc and it did the same thing to him until he added an init string to it but every init string i try on it still fails. Other specs for pc are AMD semperon 3000+ processor 512 meg pc3200 ram built for gaming

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all dial up modems will suck

by CG IT In reply to my modem sucks

when compared to always on ADSL or Cable.

their cheap enough I'd say trying to fix the thing is a waste of time. A Diamond Max Supra V.92 is $7.00 USD at

An Apollo 56k V.92 is $13.00 USD at if a $7.00 seems to cheap.

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wanting help not places to order ****

by irctrix In reply to all dial up modems will s ...

titles explains itself

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not worth it to troubleshoot.

by CG IT In reply to wanting help not places t ...

like I said, the cost of new verses the cost in time for figuring out what the problem is, is a no brainer. Buy a new one.

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its not your modem

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to my modem sucks

Its not actually your modem.Its your isp because this happens to other poeple too.It happens because when you connect to the server,it is so overcrowded with other connections it throws you out because two packets of information crash into eachother.Think of a dial up connection like a over crowded cattlemart,if one cow goes in another cow gets kicked out.Change to broadband

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Solving Your problem......

by chinschian In reply to my modem sucks

Its right, its has 2 problem which your modem or your server.

First of all one thing i have to say is that your modem is really suck and need a change.

Server(if u dont want to change your modem)
Server(dial up only) sometimes(most of the time) get overload and cause some user to disconect.Try surfing the internet when most of the user were sleeping.

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