My Monitor is not working, please help?

By kyliesized ·
we purchased a new pc today. I've made the mistake of taking the old one apart before taking the data off it. Ive set it back up again and turned it on. All was going well until the monitor showed the error message 'no signal' check your connections.
We have checked both the HDMI lead and the monitor with another PC, both are fine.
When you turn the PC on, it makes the 'normal' noises and no new/odd ones, the monitor shows windows xp loading then, where you would expect the login screen to appear it goes black and comes up with the error message.
Can anyone help?

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Could be a failing video card...

or when you put it back together you might not have gotten the card seated properly.
Check that. If that doesn't help, you might need to replace the video card.
You could also try starting in Safe Mode, either command line or gui, grab the files
that way.

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So if I'm reading this right

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Monitor is not working ...

The Video actually works till you get tot he Log On Screen then things go blank right?

What exactly where you doing before this happened?

Where you moving Data off the Drive to the new system or something along the lines instead of copying it you moved it?

If you where Moving it you have Moved Critical Windows Files that Windows requires to work as to how you would proceed here that all depends on what it is you need.

If it's just the Data get a External USB Enclosure or USB Data Lead remove the HDD from this computer and plug it into whatever it is you have bough and then attach to the new computer and copy your Data off the Drive to the New Computer.

After you are sure that you have missed nothing you can use a Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke to wipe the HDD and either reuse it as required or dispose of it without worrying about Data Loss.

If you have to get the system working again you'll need a Data Recovery Application to rebuild the Data on the HDD so it is usable again. Depending on what you where doing at the time this can be simple and cheap or downright difficult and very expensive.

Of course I could be completely misunderstanding your question here and none of the above has any meaning.


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by Mr_Threepwood In reply to My Monitor is not working ...

If you are getting the post screen to show then the connection is fine.
Sounds like something is messed up with the driver maybe. Boot into safe mode and see if it gets in there. If it does then the drivers are the problem, uninstall the driver from safe mode and reboot to force windows to use default display drivers.

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How many video connections does the old PC have?

by Kenone In reply to My Monitor is not working ...

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