My mouse is possessed!!

By K.Grass ·
Hey all,

I built a custom gaming rig with an ASUS Socket 939 mobo and it works beautifully...BUT, the cursor will on occassion jump to differnet parts of the screen for no apparent reason! (And no, there is no virus, spyware or any other affliction related with this install.) The only anomaly that I can think of is the USB to PS2 connector that it's plugged in with.

Anyone ever hear of such or have a fix? Thanks.

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No, it is not poltergeist

by Koks In reply to My mouse is possessed!!

Hi K.Grass!
Did you try to plug the mouse directly in USB port?
Hope this helps.

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by K.Grass In reply to No, it is not poltergeist

Plugged directly into a USB port with no results.

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I have had adapters do strange things

by w2ktechman In reply to My mouse is possessed!!

usually the centronix to USB (printer) cables, but I have had issues with various PS2/USB adapter cables as well, from not working to stuck keys (so it acts), and other strange effects.

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If you open your mouse does it look anything like this?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My mouse is possessed!!

If it does there is nothing wrong it's just the Pan Dimensional Being that was responsible for constructing this Organic Super Computer has found the answer 42 to the Ultimate Question of Life The Universe & Everything and is attempting to see if your question that resulted in the number 42 means anything. :^0

Actually depending on the type of mouse this can be fairly normal and you should go into the Mouse Drivers and alter the speed at which it responds. If you have a MS Mouse you can download the newest MS Drivers Version 5 and install those then right click on the desktop icon and alter the sensitivity of the mouse in there. The standard adaptor from USB to PS2 doesn't adversely affect these mice in any way that I've seen since M$ started making them a very long time ago.

If you have an optical mouse it's just reading a movement when nothing is happening and needs the sensitivity adjusted.

Also if the desk that you are using this game station on is not rock solid any movement in it can cause the mouse to interpret a movement and react. This is something quite common with the wireless mice and to a lesser extent the wired ones.


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by K.Grass In reply to If you open your mouse do ...

It was an odd night indeed, but I think some swamp gas got trapped in a weather ballon and refracted the gamma UV radiation coming from Venus - bounced off a passing airliner and caused an email to be sent to the CIO of the FAA...

He said the same thing you did!

Then I tried changing some settings, updating some drivers and it slowed it down but it is still happening. Thanks HAL

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I realise that you have likely already done this

by Tig2 In reply to Ummm...

But have you gone through the mouse and give it a good cleaning? I have had some issues with mice over internal dirt that I would have sworn was insufficient to cause the problem. Might be worth a try- even if you are fairly sure that the mouse is a clean beastie.

Good luck!

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To what tiggertwo said....

by luc_andre In reply to I realise that you have l ...

Is your mouse one with a lazereye/intellipointer? I have had to clean several mouses due to pop or coffee spots inside the view of the eye that was causing improper line of sight for the nice red lazer.

If it's a trackball mouse, maybe the ball is unbalanced?

Also, are you using a KVM switch? Mine went on the fritz and caused very spasmic mouse movements at odd times, like if I had 3 coffees with triple sugar and a redbull. :)

Could just be that the mouse is nearing death too...

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ahhhh "The Life, The Universe & Everything"

by Kiltie In reply to If you open your mouse do ...

I still have a pristine boxed set of those (I had already read the books beforehand, the set was a XMas pressie later on)
It was quite a good Radio show here in UK, and BBC did a TV series/comedy about it.

The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything was eventually calculated by Deep Thought, the (second) greatest computer in all of time and space (not quite, see later), built by that race of pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent beings, that you mentioned.

Of course, it took several million years to work out The Answer, and when they got the correct answer....


They were a might disappointed, to say the least.

Either nobody had remembered to pose it, or everyone had forgotten it, over several millenia, what the actual Question was.
So the quest started to find out what the Ultimate Question was.

This ultimate computer was called Earth, and it was looked after by mice (here is the link to the topic *** grin ***)

However, a few minutes before the answer was due, it was lost, when the Vogons demolished Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

(It has parallels to the start of the series of novels, when Arthur Dent is rescued from Earth by Ford Prefect, as his house was also about to be demolished by the local authorities, as well as Earth, by the Vogons)

Much later, according to the BBC TV series, when Arthur and Ford get sent back in time to pre-historic earth, Arthur plays with some scrabble tiles and comes up with the Ultimate Question
after all, his body contained the only remaining molecules of what was once the greatest computer in all of time and space (Earth).



Of course that was rejected as silly, an error, as everyone knows that 6x9=54


Not quite

6 times 9 equals 42 in Base 13

In later years, Douglas Adams denied this, saying that he only chose 42 as being an ordinary low number, sort of a silly one, that fitted with the humour of his books.
However I think that is extremely neat, fitting in with computers etc. We geeks know that base 10 isn't the only one used, binary, (tertiary was an experiment by the Hungarians I think), octal, hexadecimal are normal computer usages.

here in the UK in addition we use (used) other bases, here are some, not the lot, or you'll get bored:
base 12 (pence per shilling)
base 20 (shillings per pound)
base 14 (pounds per stone - different pound this time, and until 1340 it was 12 and a half per stone)
base 144 (that's kinda gross)

Anyways, there is a relevant moral to all this digression:

Mice like being clean, and it helps to make a better computer (as others said ;-)

btw, if you ever DO manage to read any of Douglas Adams books, please do, they are hilarious!!!


This should really qualify as a Geekend Trivia thingy, so SUE me Jay!! lolol

(ok, ok, I'll pass the copyleft over to you my friend under GPL)

EDIT: such a long post, so more opportunities for typos to occur ;-)

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You're funny...

by K.Grass In reply to ahhhh "The Life, The Univ ...

I like your commentary Kiltie. So much the world lacks for the art of the prose!

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