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My msvbvm60.dll mysterisouly renamed

By ichman.barbarosa ·
Dear all,

In one of my XP workstation that runs Windows XP SP2 equipped with only Norton Antivirus 2004 found the msvbvm60.dll always renamed. For example it renamed to msvbvm60.dll.249. I have tried to renamed to original filename, but it kept always renamed again to another extention, for example msvbvm60.dll.743.

I can not attach the HijackIT! result of that computer, because I can not run it since the computer can not found msvbvm60.dll file. Also I can not not install Grisoft's AVG antivirus because of msvbvm60.dll was not exist.
My Microsoft Office, IE and Outlook can run well on that computer.

Some application can run well in that computer, some are not.

Can anyone helps me ?. Thank you

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Try reinstalling visual basic 6 runtime

by A. G. In reply to My msvbvm60.dll mysteriso ...
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Same problemo in my system

by imran In reply to My msvbvm60.dll mysteriso ...

I am trying to install PHP 4.4.0 , but same error occured. I think we have to reinstall our windows !
What do you think ?

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Your "msvbvm60.dll mysterisouly renamed"

by Napoleonbw In reply to My msvbvm60.dll mysteriso ...

Also, my msvbvm60.dll mysterisouly changed and was listed, under "properties" to an unknown person. The only thing I could do was to retrieve an original "msvbvm60.dll" from an earlier copy on a hard drive and copy it to a folder (it can also be downloaded). To make the substitution, I used a Linux Ubuntu 7.10 cd to boot the computer under Linux Ubuntu. Under Ubuntu, the hard drive folders appear without the protected status they have when booted under Windows XP. Then, I deleted the offending "msvbvm60.dll" and replaced it with the new "msvbvm60.dll" I had copied into a new folder. Of course, this can be done by direct copy and paste. All of this is made possible because Ubuntu 7.10 Linux makes all folders on the hard drives transparent for erasure, modification, and addition. It is important when booting up Ubuntu to make sure the bios of the computer has been changed to allow booting up from the cd drive.

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Addition to Your "msvbvm60.dll mysterisouly renamed"

by Napoleonbw In reply to Your "msvbvm60.dll myster ...

I forgot to mention this was a Ubuntu 7.10 live cd. Like many current Linux distributions which provide a live cd, this allows you to run the Linux distribution from a cd, or dvd, insteading of the hard drive. In the case of Ubuntu 7.10 live cd, the files on the hard drive are made transparent. In some other live CDs, the hard drives folders are obaque, and can't be read, modified, or written to.

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