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my network is going crazy!!! PLEASE HELP!!

By marco136669 ·
Our schools network is going crazy, first i thought it was a problem with the switch(24 Port DLink) but we changed the switch and only plugged in the cable that goes to the server and a computer but it doesn't seem to locate any computers on the network, but sometimes it works fine without giving any trouble. we have 5 Switches which connects each other and all the computers in the network and all are handled by a server, the funny thing is all the PC's upstairs(which uses another switch) are working fine most of the time but the PC's in the ground floor doesn't seem to have any connectivity most of the time, last night it worked and today morning it didn't and again now its working but it doesn't allow any access to any folders on the server. so i'm really clueless of what is happening right now. so please advice on what i can do, it is definitely not a virus on the server as i have scanned it with Kespersky.

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So many things.

by seanferd In reply to my network is going crazy ...

"we changed the switch and only plugged in the cable that goes to the server and a computer but it doesn't seem to locate any computers on the network"

Try replacing the cable?
Is the cable too long?
Is the cable unshielded or subject to heavy interference from radio or electrical cables?
Is it a smart switch that is supposed to configure itself?
Has the server been misconfigured in DHCP or DNS?

"doesn't allow any access to any folders on the server."

This may be an entirely separate problem. Cover the first problem, and we can move on if the folders don't become accessible.

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by marco136669 In reply to So many things.

the cable is very long but i don't see any physical damage to it and the entire week it was working fine and only on Friday(Is the weekend in Maldives) morning all this happened.

Yes it is a smart switch which configures itself.

I have restarted the services from the server thinking that it is something to do with the configuration, and the really funny thing is for an year this network was working without any trouble until last Friday.

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Well, sometimes cables just "go bad".

by seanferd In reply to Reply

Sometimes due to sagging/stretching until they are no longer properly terminated, or until either the termination or socket is deformed just enough to fail.

Is there a cleaning/housekeeping staff that that takes care of this room?

Anyone recently run an electrical cable near or across the network cable?

Could the switch have auto-configured <i>differently</i> than the previous switch was configured (if the old switch did go bad)?

The only other things I can think of are software on the segment that is problematic.

If something new was installed which either has some security feature, or had tripped a feature in existing security software (Symantec Endpoint Protection has caused some folks endless bafflement by suddenly blocking file or network access due to a software update somewhere else).

Or, if routing or DNS configuration was somehow changed.

I can only approach this in generalities for the most part. Perhaps someone more expert in networks your size will find your question here.


You may get more of a response if you did re-post this as a Question, as you have this on the Discussion side of the forum.

You can link back to your original post here to let folks see what you have already discussed.

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somthing like that

by dayen In reply to my network is going crazy ...

We had somthing like that our Domain user on the clients computers vanish until we booted in safe mode left it there 3 min and then re booted and they came back. when they were gone whe tried to put them back and it said no trustrelationship between client and server don't even know it this is close but it was last week after security update from microsoft. we could no longer see our folders at that point.

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suppected hack

by marco136669 In reply to somthing like that

i checked the entire school for a physical damage to any network cable but i dont seem to find any and i check if a cable coming out from the switch is coming back to the switch without passing thru a computer and didnt even seem to find that problem, so i suspected someone trying to hack into the system(a person who knows the passwords and everything) so therefore i changed the server password and for now everything seems going good. so hoping it will be fine thru out the year. if any problem rises will let you guys know. thank you all very much

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sounds funny to me

by CG IT In reply to my network is going crazy ...

network guy using Please Help me in the subject... whenever I see that, I ignor it. Only high school kids use that Please Help Me dog and pony show.

Another case of someone that doesn't have anything else better to do than think up questions for TR forums and use Please Help Me.

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by dayen In reply to sounds funny to me

Ha I use the words please and thank you. is that because I over 60. has our world become jaded to such a point that please is a joke with kids, just sad

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Nothing wrong with asking for help

by jswinberlin In reply to Please

Hey, maybe I'm a poser too...I don't see anything wrong with please help me (I might not use it as a title thought).

We've all gotta learn from somebody unless we're just here to tell everyone how great we are.

I just look at it as helping keep basic trouble shooting skills honed.

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thank you

by marco136669 In reply to Nothing wrong with asking ...

thank you for the support i never thought saying "please help" would create such a big fuss, i think some people dont believe in being polite these days.

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