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My network is going crazy!! PLEASE HELP!!

By marco136669 ·
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Just a bump.

by seanferd In reply to My network is going crazy ...

To see if there are any other answers out there.

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it's been reported as spam so why answer...

by CG IT In reply to Just a bump.
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i dont know how it could be reported as spam

by marco136669 In reply to it's been reported as spa ...

seanferd asked me to put it here as well to see if anyone got an answer for this strange scenario, anyways thanks for the help

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Please Help Me sheeshlook at your first post someone reported it as spam

by CG IT In reply to i dont know how it could ...
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Because I already HAD answered

by seanferd In reply to it's been reported as spa ...

and asked to OP to post in Questions rather than Discussions. And the Discussion was still getting action whereas the Question was not.

Why it has been reported as spam is beyond me.

As to any other questions on form, abilities, understanding, or veracity, I have no comment.

But I'm not sure what you are on about <i>five and a half hours after the fact</i>.

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Problem SOLVED at 02/21/2010 @ 07:27 PM (PST)...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My network is going crazy ...

Yet a full TWO HOURS LATER you're still posting into your own thread as if the problem is still LIVE!!

Here you've posted the 'solution':;wideContent

But don't bother to tell anyone reading the Problems Forum that you've already posted the solution in the Discussions Forum - the Discussion that you've asked every one to bone up on?

It's odd that a cracked network server would have a password that was still valid, don't you think??!!

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