My Network Places disappears and open network windows close

By Slayer_ ·
Ok, this one is odd, I have been noticing that my Network places icon has been moving on my desktop, kind of annoying me, also, that a network folder will randomly close. doesn't seem to interrupt file copy opperations or anything.

But while I was browsing, I saw both happen at the same time, the icon disappeared, and the window closed.

I opened it back up before the network places re-appeared. while i am typing this, my window just closed again, betting network places is back. (just looked, its back)

What you guys think it could be? Avira and Spybot say I'm clean, process list looks normal.
Was going to try malware bytes but it appears to be shareware, not freeware...

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Malware Bytes

by santeewelding In reply to My Network Places disappe ...

Or, MBAM, has two versions. One free. One paid. You get a little more glitz with the paid. That's what I have: paid.

Gets along fine, by the way, with MS Security Essentials, which is free.

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MS Security Essentials: Sofar, not all countries are blessed

by TobiF In reply to Malware Bytes

Security Essentials are available in the US.

But I just wanted to mention, that the majority of the countries in the world don't have access to this, yet.

When I try to download it (from Dubai), I get the following message:

<b>Not available in your country or region</b>
You appear to be in a country or region where Microsoft Security Essentials is not available. Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Security Essentials.

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Centric as I am

by santeewelding In reply to MS Security Essentials: S ...

I did not know that. Thank you, Tobi.

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Rootkit revealer

by TobiF In reply to My Network Places disappe ...

I'd suggest you try the litmus test "Rootkit revealer" from Sysinternals.

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Running scan now, will post the results (NT)

by Slayer_ In reply to Rootkit revealer
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Nothing to report, any other ideas?

by Slayer_ In reply to Running scan now, will po ...

Showed clean. Any other ideas?

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Notice the time and peek into the events log

by TobiF In reply to Nothing to report, any ot ...

Hmm. You could also check the events log of the fileshare host.

Is your network stable?

Maybe you have a situation where SMB UDP-carried messages sometimes get lost and you get timeout, whereas the TCP based file transfer, with built in retry and buffering may be able to bridge over shorter disturbances.

If you're using wireless, you could try changing to a different channel.

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Seems stable

by Slayer_ In reply to Notice the time and peek ...

I would hope Explorer uses TCP to maintain connection to network systems.

But even losing connection briefly, why would this make "My Network Places" disappear from the desktop. And I can still browse the web, or even file shares while its gone, eventually it will just reappear.

I have however now Installed Mint on the machine, so this is becoming less of an issue, but I still want to fix it.

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