my new computer seems so slow?

By mis-t ·
I purchased a new Dell Studio XPS. I had an emachines which ran windows XP. Why does my NEW computer run so slow? It shows that windows is installing updates. Could that be making it run slower than it should? I have dial up (only thing offered where I live) and it is slow already, but I was told this new computer with a "quad-processor" would work 4 times faster than my old computer. That doesn't seem the case at all - in fact, it is actually slower. How can this be? Is Windows 7 slower if you operate it with a dial up internet connection?

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Slow doing what?

by Slayer_ In reply to my new computer seems so ...

What are you doing that feels slow?

Stuff with Video and 3D Graphics, its possible your old computer had a dedicated graphics card and your new machine does not. Integrated graphics provide extremely slow performance and lots of overhead on the processor. So it is a distinct possibility.

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Everything involving browsing

by mis-t In reply to Slow doing what?

Just going from one website to the next is very slow. but windows is downloading updates. It has been downloading updates all day long and it is only at 64%...

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Well if you stop it downloading Updates

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Everything involving brow ...

It should be as fast as your old system.

As you are on Dial Up this will not be any faster than the old system as your limiting Factor here is the Speed of the Data Transfer of the Dial Up Connection.


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If updates are being installed,

by seanferd In reply to my new computer seems so ...

leave it alone and let it update. if it reboots or asks you to reboot, do so, and wait to see if further updates are going to be installed.

Once you let Windows and anything else update, you should be fine. The occasional update, even Windows Patch Tuesday, shouldn't usually require so much in the way of resources.

Whatever you do, do not interrupt the update process once it has begun.

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thanks you for your help

by mis-t In reply to If updates are being inst ...

Thanks so much! Windows downloading updates is at 64% now and it has been going steady all day long. Hopefully after it is through, I'll be fine.
thx so much

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Scan for other updates, as well

by TobiF In reply to thanks you for your help

Windows/MS update will, of course, only serve updates to MS products.
It is advisable to check for updates to other programs, as well.

For private computers, Secunia PSI can help you to keep virtually all your programs updated. I don't know how heavy it is on internet communication. I have noticed that it often behaves funny when the internet connection is unstable, though.

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Yes - it should speed up considerably

by seanferd In reply to thanks you for your help

one they are done. Especially browsing, as I'm sure the updates are using a lot of your bandwidth. If you don't have a fairly high speed connection, the download portion of the update procedure can take a while.

It like isn't the processor being overworked at all. if there is a decent amount of RAM as well, I submit the problem lies entirely with bandwidth.

Oh, and if you are connected to your router/modem/gateway wirelessly, remember that wireless is always slower than an Ethernet cable connection, so that can be a potential bottleneck as well.

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Lots of updates...

by TobiF In reply to my new computer seems so ...

A freshly installed computer usually needs a ton of updates. Since your connection is so slow, this may take several days... So - patience is the corner stone. Check every now and then if it wants you to approve any updates or restart the machine.

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