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My new mouse!

By zimonar ·
My mouse has spoiled and I have fixed a new one, a wireless. But I can not control my wireless mouse pointer, it is moving alone from place to other. Why? Is there any solution please?
Thank you!

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by 3xp3rt In reply to My new mouse!

Did you sincronyze your mouse and signal receiver unit? Did you installed the mouse driver? The mouse's battery are ok? If your answer is "YES" it's a hardware problem, you must replace your mouse with on other.

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by jc2it In reply to My new mouse!

Some things that typically effect wireless optical mouse:

1. Using an inconsistantly shiny surface.
2. Incompatible Overhead Lighting
3. Bad Drivers - All of MS Bloatware Mouse Drivers are bad in my opinion
4. Bad Batteries
5. Moving mouse faster than the reaction time of the equipment.

After using the latest Microsoft Optical Wireless mouse for two months with new batteries I decided I want a mouse with at least one ball and I want it physically connected to the computer. I don't have time to mess with little inconsistancies like the mouse not responding properly

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by Dr Dij In reply to My new mouse!

For touch typers, I find the keyboards with mouse pad in the center much easier to use for hands-on work. YOu don't need to remove your hands from KB to move the mouse. These are full sized versions of laptop keyboards. even a split 'natural' version.

One brand is the Adesso WKB-120. Microcenter sells these. Strangely, Fry's does not.
Never have to worry about dirty mouse balls or low batteries again.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My new mouse!

The obvious thing to do here is to go into the mouse setup utility and reduce the reaction or speed that the mouse responds at.

I've seen examples where some mice will move the cursor when the mouse remains untouched so if you cut back on the sensitivity of the speed or reaction time this will solve most of your problems but you'll have a slow mouse movement latter if that's important.


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by zimonar In reply to My new mouse!

Thanks for all the answers, I changed the batteries and now it is working wonderfuly!

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by zimonar In reply to My new mouse!

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by zimonar In reply to My new mouse!

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