My new PC on workgroup very slow

By sportguy ·
I have a new HP Dx2390 PC that I installed on my network. The reason for the new PC was to replace a PC that has crashed. I gave the new PC the same name as the old PC had. The problem I am having is that the network connection to a shared folder on the network is extremely slow. The MS Excel files that I work on from that same shared folder also crashes while i work.
I also have 6 other computers on this network accessing that same folder without issues.

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Does the new PC have the same OS as the old one?..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My new PC on workgroup ve ...

Come to think of it, what OS's do each of the 7 networked PCs have?

Having given the new PC exactly the same name as the old PC was not necessarily a clever idea. Invariably the names of each networked PC are really only for ease of use from the Users' point of view - the network identifies each PC by it's MAC code.

As such, you may need to re-establish the SHARE to include the newly introduced PC. Changing its name might not hurt either.

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Problem Solved

by sportguy In reply to Does the new PC have the ...

Thanks for your suggestions. I figured out the problem. The new PC had XP SP2 while the rest where runnung XP SP3. I took it for granted that a new PC will come with the latest service pack installed.

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Good to hear ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem Solved

That you got your network running smoothly again. :)

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