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      First things first

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to My new pc restarting frequently by itself

      You should post this as a Question not a Discussion as people who frequent the Q&A Section will most likely be in a better position to answer your question.

      Secondly when you fitted the CPU & RAM to your Gigabyte M’Board did you open the BIOS and make sure that the Hardware Fitted was correctly Identified and at the same Time Set the Correct Time & Date. Then save the changes as you exited the BIOS?

      What you need to do with all new Hardware like this is to set the BIOS to the [b]Correct Values[/b] which with modern Gigabyte M’Boards requires the Date & Time to be set and then the system to run on Defaults before saving the changes as you exit the BIOS.

      Do that now and while you may need to reload the OS again it should cure your current problems. With some CPU’s you may need to manually set their Speed in the BIOS but the HDD Size and Installed RAM should be OK unless you are using different Make RAM Modules in which case you could have Timing Issues that are causing Fatal Crashes.

      The other thing to look at is the CPU Temp or at least the level that it is Triggered to Turn Off and restart the system to prevent CPU Overheating. You can safely set this value to 80 C from the default and at the same time make sure that the CPU Fan Alarm is switched to On if you have an Actively Cooled CPU. If you have a Passively Cooled CPU Heat Sink [i]That is No Fan[/i] make sure that this setting is turned off.

      If there are extra M’Board Fan Alarms make sure that they are turned off so that you don’t constantly hear an alarm unless you have extra Case Fans installed and plugged onto the M’Board Headers.


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      Ram change

      by sunilgupta91 ·

      In reply to My new pc restarting frequently by itself

      if i change the RAM with same new will it works

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        How about first setting up the BIOS

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Ram change

        As suggested in the M’Board Manual?

        Also check to see if the BIOS Clear Jumper is set to Clear or Run. If it’s on Clear you’ll need to reset it to run and then setup the BIOS again.

        Sometimes some resellers change this jumper setting to save the BIOS Battery before they sell the M’Board.

        If the BIOS is incorrectly reporting any fitted hardware the system is not going to work correctly. With Gigabyte M’Boards you need to press and hold down the [b]”Delete Key”[/b] when the Gigabyte Logo Appears on the screen after you turn on. When the speaker starts making noises you can take your finger off the key and wait for the White on Blue Screen to appear.

        Of course if this doesn’t happen switch to a PS2 Keyboard as USB Drivers are not loaded with most BIOS’s. You can use a USB to PS2 Adapter if you have one to make the M’Board see your Keyboard as a PS2 one. 😉


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