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My new Script Library website - help please

By MartMan ·
Hi All,

I have finally started the script library website that I have been meaning to do for the last 8 years.
It currently has all the vbscripts, javascripts, perl, rexx, python scripts etc from the ScriptingGuys in there. Over the next few weeks I'm going to add a few hundred of my own scripts in too that I have written over the years.
The search tool is yet to be developed. I'm keen on your feedback on ways to improve it, and any ideas are welcome. The site is at

..thanks in advance.

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How are you planning to police the content ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My new Script Library web ...

You would n't want anyone to post anything malicious in there.
Some sort of ratings system might be in order.
maybe feedback as well.

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Good point

by MartMan In reply to How are you planning to p ...

Yep. Newly posted scripts will be reviewed by myself, however my expertise is only with vbscript and asp. Probably a star-review system is best, with the option of feedback for each script from those who know more about the specific languages than myself.

ta :)

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Search Tool

by MartMan In reply to My new Script Library web ...

The Search tool is now working fine, it does an 'AND' search of all typed in keywords and does a SQL LIKE query for them. At present it only searches the title field..
Do you think the best search tool would give the option of and "AND" or an "OR" type search?
Am also planning to add checkboxes to search other fields like description, author, and perhaps most importantly the code field itself. If I get fancy I'll write these checkboxe selections to a cookie so it remembers those settings per user.. any advice on how to do this would be appreciated.


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by irfan_718 In reply to Search Tool


I have previousely used zoom search as a search engine on my website which searches pages as well as documents such as pdf txt ..etc...

it works with asp / basic html and more. and creates the search page in a matter of seconds (note PDF and image files need to be OCR'd)

have a look and see what you think ... just giving you an option to save you time in coding...

hope this helps.

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