My old disc structure

By james.campbell1 ·
Hi all, bouncing my head around this one for a few weeks now so I'm in need of help. I reloaded my pc with factory settings and set it to "not destroy my data" any way the pc started up again from a new screen and it seems all my data is now gone. Well that was until i opened MY DOCUMENTS folder and low and behold I can see two folders called MY OLD DISC STRUCTURE. can any one tell me how I can get the info stored, back. Please! Jim

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Not a lot out there

by Kiltie In reply to My old disc structure

I Googled, only found a couple of references, no resolutions I'm afraid.

I turned MSKB upside down, but got no help other than this folder is created when a "System Recovery - No Format" is selected.

Some questions:
Is this what you meant when you said you "reloaded" your PC with factory settings?
Was that an OEM Recovery CD that you used?
or was it an XP installation CD?

All I can find out indicates that it should be intuitive to get your data back from this folder, otherwise special instructions should be around.

So, what exactly is inside this folder?

EDIT: After posting I noticed you said you could "see two folders called MY OLD DISC STRUCTURE"
Surely not? Same name? If there are two, what are they called and I repeat, what is inside them?

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by james.campbell1 In reply to Not a lot out there

Hi Katie. yeah, it's the cd that came with the computer (Advent) but as for the instructions, well no use what so ever. THey dont go in depth as to what happens when you use recovery! The folder contains all my old settings, even a windows folder and a programs folder infact most of the stuff you find on your "c" drive. I have managed to pull some pics out of my c drive though, but oddly enough they were the pics from my mobile I down loaded once. It's just like as if the drive has been partitioned? if that makes sence.

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by aplagiannakos In reply to My old disc structure

James, I am having the exact same problem as you. It is really bizarre. For me, i entered my documents and settings to get into the user panel in the 'my old disc structure folder' and when I try entering my User account folder, it says access prohibited... Anyone have any idea on this? How can we recover this information

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