My Onetab links disappeared how do I retrieve them

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My almost 1,000 Onetab web links disappeared after I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome how do I retrieve those links. Please, I need help ASAP. I still have my local chrome files I didn't delete any of that content when I uninstalled Chrome.
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by jackdanielsking2 In reply to My Onetab links disappear ...

How to manually export your OneTab tabs:
Hopefully you already have a OneTab export, or you still have access to your OneTab tabs so you can create one.

In any case, if you decide to keep using OneTab going forward, you should know how to export your OneTab tabs. Unfortunately the OneTab help page doesn’t explain how to export, so here are the steps:

Click the OneTab extension icon in Chrome
Click Export / Import URLs
Copy all the text in the Export URLs section
Paste into a Google Doc, Word document, or text file
Keep the file somewhere safe in case your OneTab tabs disappear again
f you are lucky enough to have manually exported your OneTab tabs recently, this is by far the best way to restore your lost tabs:

Click the OneTab extension icon in Chrome
Click Export / Import URLs
Expand the Import URLs section
Open the OneTab export file
Copy and paste all the URLs in the file into the Import URLs section
Click Import to restore the lost tabs
The OneTab backups don’t include any of the starred or locked state of your tab groups. This means that you will need to manually re-lock and re-star all of your tab groups after you restore them.

Last resort: Restore deleted One Tab data from a computer backup
If you don’t have an export of your One Tab tabs but really need them back, you may have to resort to restoring to an earlier state from a backup of your computer. One Tab’s data lives on your computer’s hard drive just like all your other files, so restoring to a backup of your computer should recover your lost One Tab tabs.

This is a bad option since you’ll lose everything else you’ve done on your computer since that backup. Because it’s hard to know what you’ll lose when you restore your computer, avoid this method unless it’s an emergency.

Instead, take the opportunity to start fresh on a dependable tab management extension like Working.

I hope this helps to solve your problem.

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