my optical usb mouse ain't working

By an20up ·
I'm using a optical USB mouse, my OS is win XP media center..
just few days before i have started encountering this problem...

after few mins of using the mouse , the red light of mouse goes off and the mouse stops responding..

after it the only option i have to do is to remove it from USB port and reinsert it... then again after few min the same problem repeats..

i have installed the software from logitech but it ain't work...

so i want to know whether its a problem due to registry value modification by some virus... as my mouse works fine on my other friends pc.

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Different USB Port

by Bizzo In reply to my optical usb mouse ain' ...

Can you try it in a different USB port, or a different make of mouse in your machine.

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Your USB port is probably shutting down after a set time ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to my optical usb mouse ain' ...

Go into your Device Manager and right-click each USB hub/port that's listed, then select 'Properties'.

Click on the 'Power Management' [TAB] and unclick the box beside "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

Click 'OK' then shut down Device Manager, and preferably restart just to be sure.

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How old

by Jacky Howe In reply to my optical usb mouse ain' ...

is your (PSU) Power supply Unit. It may not be providing the correct voltages. Maybe your USB ports are starting to fail. You could try a USB PCI Card. Motherboards don't last forever.

The USB specification for a USB port is 500mA per port. If a device needs more then 500mA, the USB port may be switched off by the over current circuit.

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