My P3 computer at home

By sneceesay77 ·
when ever i try to shutdown my pc at home it takes about 3-5 minutes before the shutdown box appears after clicking on start/shutdown can someone help.

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Slow electricity ???...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My P3 computer at home

Seriously, how are we to know if this is a manifestly loooong time if you give no details as to how quickly it used to shut down, or how long it has been slow, or even whether it EVER was faster?

What type of PC do you have ?
What types of programs do you run ?
What operating system do you have ?
Is auto-update enabled ?
How old is this system ?
How long has it been since you defragged the hard drive ?
What state is your hard drive in at the moment ?

More info please, then we can get an idea why it might be slow.

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my pc

by sneceesay77 In reply to Slow electricity ???...

The Pentium 3 computer is not slow, it is working fine but in the process of shutting it down it takes longer than expected three to five minutes before the shutdown window comes.

It has no problem before, I realized the problem about 5 months ago. I have lots of programs loaded in it e.g Java, C++ builder and lots of documents stored inside. The hard disk capacity is 40GB and the free space is about 10GB. processor speed is 550 mhz and the memory is 192mb.I frequently defrag it. it is runing windows XP sp2. I hope you have much information to help me.

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by retro77 In reply to my pc

How many processes are running before you start the shutdown process? I would open task manager, sort it by CPU usage and tell the computer to shut down. You should see what is taking so long.

Would you like some wafas?

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May be due to what you load at startup.....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My P3 computer at home

You should check how many process programs you might be unaware of, that are hogging your resources (albeit unnoticed) and ALL have to shut down, one at a time, when you shutdown.

Try installing 'Process Explorer' from the Microsoft site.

It'll list EVERYTHING that loads at start-up, often showing processes that remain hidden from Task Manager.

Warning: Be very careful with what you find. DO NOT delete things 'willy-nilly' as many of the processes you don't recognise WILL BE crucial system files!

Clearly, the time taken to shutdown, is being occupied by 'something(s)' closing.

Your Event Viewer might also be a good indicator of which process are taking their time to shut down.

<Edited for link & typos>

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Are you running Norton or other antivirus?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to My P3 computer at home

If so, that may take a while to close before shutting down. On my old P3, I had Norton and it took forever to shutdown. As mentioned, you might also run adware or malware scan as many of these programs may be running in the background unnoticed until you go to shutdown. Also, a common complaint of XP is the time it takes to shutdown, so you might search MS website for KB articles detailing problems with possible fixes.

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