My PC does not start!!

By mainaksarkar2005 ·
When I start my PC I get a continuous beep sound (similar to when we have problems with RAM)and it wont boot. If I keep the power supply ON and then wait for around 30 minutes then start the PC this beep does not happen. However it gets stuck up in the Main Board manufacturer flash screen. Only when I reboot it for couple of times more does it loads the OS.
Where can the problem be??

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yeah, RAM only problem - clean it.

by ismail_ngr In reply to My PC does not start!!

Hi Mainaksarkar,

As per your information the problem realted in your system memory and dust in slots. Mostly rust formed the RAM gold contacts. Gold never got rust. So simply use the pencil eraser to clean the RAM contacts. Never use knife (or) other sharp edge tools to clean such rust. Reason is the gold contact layer is very thin andyour RAM goes to un-usable when scartching with sharp blades.

Before going to remove the RAM for the task, Kindly dis-charge your body static electricity by touching any metal parts of the CPU.

Also you can get such WMD tool (Not for Weapons of Mass Destruction) from our ITZ Yahoo Group site. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indian_Techies_Zone in files section. If still have problem reply me.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to My PC does not start!!

Definately ram try with one ram stick each to eliminate which one

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Check the power supply too.

by mjd420nova In reply to My PC does not start!!

If it seems that when the power supply gets warm it seems to get better?? Besides the beep on boot up being memory related, if the videocard doesn't start, it would beep too. The video memory is first, and if integrated, the memory is suspect. Check out the CMOS battery, it gives some very strange symptoms when it gets weak or dies.

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Hello mjd420nova

by mainaksarkar2005 In reply to Check the power supply to ...

Thx for ur valuable suggestion..U r indeed right .. there is a prob with my CMOS battery..coz my system time comes to stand still as soon as I turn my PC off.. I noticed this a month back and actually bought a new battery..(yet to replace in my PC)..
Also as u suggested it might be a video card problem as well..the reason being sometimes( 1 out of 10 boots) the screen flickers repeatedly with strange colors all over..
I just need to replace the CMOS and if still the same will check out the SMPS and video card

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