My PC has Framedrops and I dont know why

By CheckTec ·
Hey guys, heres the problem:
My PC randomly has extreme framedrops which last for about 10-15 seconds. Task Manager shows the CPU and GPU dropping to very low percentages simultaneously at wich it is logical that the games I play have framedrops. I played a lot of Overwatch lately, the framerate there drops from 100 down to 0,5-2 but the drops can happen in every program (and its always the whole computer which is lagging, sometimes even just on desktop with nothing open), they just happen more frequently in programs with higher performance requirements. The freezes also mess with the audio sometimes, making the pc completely silent or not register mic inputs anymore until I unplug and replug my headset.
The PC also sometimes doesn´t start the explorer.exe automatically. I boot up the PC and it shows me blackscreen instead of desktop. I then do strg+alt+esc -> task manager and start the explorer.exe manually but I would like to know why it doesn´t do that automatically...


Motherboard: asrock 990fx extreme3
cpu: amd fx 8120
gpu: gtx 1050 ti
Win 10
psu: combat power cp 750 plus
250Gb ssd, 500Gb hdd
ram: Corsair xms3 ddr3 2x8Gb 1600MHz

I already tried:
- checking the ram cards individually
- updating all drivers
- updating bios
- bying an new, more powerful psu
- new gpu
- tested the drives individually

As far as I know, this narrows the problem down to either Cpu, mainboard or some weird software stuff, right?

I am available for more info if you need it

I apologize for my probably weird english, I am a german.
Thanks for help!
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Re: framedrops

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to My PC has Framedrops and ...

Could it be that the CPU or the GPU is overheating and throttling down to protect itself? When cooled a little bit, it starts running again at full power. Did you happen to overclock?

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Dated gear. Should be able to game as lower settings. HOWEVER

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My PC has Framedrops and ...

I continue to find iffy/failing/bad HDDs on such rigs which always confuses those new to such work. This area is well done (to a crisp) so here's the check we perform. Go get SPECCY (what is, how to use is widely spread on the web) then run it. Head to the HDD and look at the raw values of the SMART area about the HDDs. If you find the raw values off in the thousands you have found a very common cause that many struggle to outright deny that's a cause.

Beyond that the rig is dates plus just a 1050ti with I like but it can not, ever run today's games at out of the box or mas settings.

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by CheckTec In reply to My PC has Framedrops and ...

Thanks for the answers. I am almost certain that it isnt a heat issue, bc I monitored the temps for cpu and gpu and they seemed fine. I also checked the Drives via software and found nothing. The SSD where windws and also overwatch are installed is brand new, so it shouldnt be broken.

Also I just wanted a relatively cheap system for a few games I play, mainly Overwatch, Minecraft and a lot of Indie games, so i dont really need more than a 1050 ti. ^^

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by CheckTec In reply to Re.

Hey guys, I figured out the problem. Theres an option in the Bios named "AMD Application Power Management" which should normally adjust the power of the cpu or something, but it seemed to have messed up instead. I turned it off and now it works, no more lags. Also, my 2 ram cards werent in dual channel which also impacted performance. Thanks for the help tho! ^^

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