My PC is having issues and I cannot pinpoint where the issue is.

By SkyL0819 ·
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My PC has been having multiple issues recently, but I have no clue what's causing them.

My PC has been:
1. Randomly freeze that requires me to force restart my computer
2. On startup, I frequently get nothing but a black screen on both monitors, and I have to force restart with the power button multiple times in order to see words pop up on boot
3. Random restarts that happen out of nowhere

I have been having some of these issues in the past but they only ever occurred once in a while, and only issues 2 and 3. However, all these issues have been occurring much more frequently these past few weeks, almost every day. I don't really notice any patterns for when these issues occur, they pretty much just happen randomly. However, for issue 1 I think the most it happens is when I'm playing a game, but I also vaguely remember it happening when I have nothing opened but just chatting on Discord.

My PC was built back in Nov 2018 and pretty much everything is new except for my power supply, my SSD and my HDD.
Here are my specs:
Ryzen 5 2600, 6 core 3.40 GHz
GTX 1060 6GB Vram
AB350M-HDV motherboard
1x 260GB SSD (C drive)
1x 1TB HDD (D drive)
750W Power supply

I haven't dusted out my PC lately, not sure if that can be the issue. I do remember these issues happening even shortly after I built my PC though.

Please let me know if I have left out any details. I'm not very tech-savvy, so I might need instructions on how to obtain certain information.

Thank you!
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