My pc is not booting by the bootable pen drive containing ubuntu studio

By mosharibt1 ·
i have the pc with configuration- MERCURY PVM7 MOTHERBOARD, INTEL CELERON PROCESSOR,768MB OF MEMORY,40GB HDD,WITH CD-ROM,RUNNING OS-UBUNTU 10.10, and my question is that my pc is not booting my bootable pen drive contaning ubuntu studio even i changed the booting options also............ and my laptop is booting my pen drive..... so plzz give me solution

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Does this motherboard support USB booting?

by markp24 In reply to My pc is not booting by t ...

Hi ,

Im not familiar with that motherboard, but you should confirm that motherboard supports USB booting, In the bios set the USB device (usb hard drive) as the 1st boot device and see if that helps.
you may also have a bios setting to enable/disable booting from usb, make sure thats enabled.

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Reponse To Answer

by mosharibt1 In reply to Does this motherboard sup ...

no their is no option for usb booting........in my motherboard bios setting

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So the Motherboard may not be able to boot usb, but i have another option that may help

by markp24 In reply to My pc is not booting by t ...

Sounds like you found why it will nto boot from the USB, seems the motherboard was made prior to the USB boot option being added in the bioses.

there is another way to get a pc to boot from usb, i use it for VMware
its called "Plop Boot Manager v5.0"

you can read about and obtain it from here http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html

basically you put this on a floppy or CD and boot from the cd/floppy then it adds the ability to boot to usb.

i hope that helps.

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