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My PC is too hot.

By p.j.hutchison ·
Hi, my PC seems to run too hot:
Board temp: 52 C
CPU Temp: 67 C
Power Temp: 77 C

Its built into a mini tower (16" x 8" x 16.5")
with a 300W PSU at back and a System Fan at front (no Speed control).
The system is stable and have had no boot up problems or random reboots or other stability problems. I would like it to be cooler.

Any ideas?

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by Balbir In reply to My PC is too hot.

Where is it situated?
Is it boxed in, in a tight space?
Make sure the ventilation holes are not blocked with "fluff" (Vaccuum them out)
Also i would fit a "Sucker" fan at the front and a blower fan at the back if you have space and noise isn't a problem.If the CPU fan is old, it may not be spinning as fast as it should. Lastley put a bigger heatsink and fan assemblyon the CPU.

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by donmars In reply to My PC is too hot.

Make sure all covers are in place (better air flow across components.)

Obtain round cables as opposed to the usual flat ribbon cables.

Make sure the fan in front is blowing into the unit if the fan in back (power supply fan) is blowing out. They need to not oppose each other.

Of course the unit should not be flush against the wall and vacuum any excessive dust inside unit.

Maybe install another fan, top of the case would be great but you would have to modify the case, even the side would be good. Again you would have to modify the side panel to accept the fan, blowing out in synch with the one blowing in.

Which make processor is this? There are cooling software available that claims to lower the temp of your system! Do a search on the internet for these.

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by TheChas In reply to My PC is too hot.

Is the case fan blowing air in or out?

Looking at your temperatures, it sounds like there is not enough air coming into the case to allow for the power supply exhaust fan to move air out.

I like a pressurized case. That is airflow into the case should be around 10% more (in CFM) than airflow out.

Another real possibility with your temperatures is that you need a larger power supply.

If you are:
Running an Athlon or P4;
Have more than 3 drives;
Have multiple plug-in cards;
Have a high end video card;
Have more than 512MB of RAM;

You need a 400 watt or larger power supply along with a second case fan forcing air in.


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by willcomp In reply to My PC is too hot.

With only power supply fan exhausting air, hot air from CPU cooler and other components is entering power supply and being heated further.

The most critical case fan in a P3, Athlon, or P4 system is the rear exhaust fan mounted roughly behind the CPU.

If you have a place to mount a 6 cm or 8 cm fan in rear of case, do so. If not purchase and install a slot cooler placed as close to CPU as possible.

Even with your poor ventilation, 67 degrees C is somewhat high for CPU temperature. Ensure that CPU cooler fan is operating properly. Probably should be 4500 rpm or higher. Remove heat sink, clean old thermal compound, replace with new thermal compound, and reinstall. Follow instructions in link below.

A better case with a high quality PSU is also a very good option and should be considered.

Unlike Chas, I prefer that pressure is slightly negative, meaning more flow out than in. That's a difference of opinion, but you definitely have inadequate rear exhaust flow in your setup.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to

The PSU is just a year old as is the m/board and CPU. The CPU Fan is running at 4963 rpm. Its a Athlon XP 2100 (1.7GHz).
I have a fan at the front blowing air in and the PSU blowing air out. The PC is in next to my desk away from the wall so it should have good ventilation.
I just replaced my cable IDE cables with round Ultra ATA ones which should help a bit.
Maybe its just the case is rather crap. Just checking now, there is no hole at the front to **** air in from...

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by kevin5597 In reply to My PC is too hot.

If that the case then i recommended you to change the mini casing into ATX casing. This gice the CPU environment better air flow.

Second, If your processor is hot too. Try the quality processor cooling fan.

Thats all you need...

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to

Its seems the casing isn`t too good. I thought theres a hole at the front but its just a desing thing (ideal for picking it up).

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to My PC is too hot.

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