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My PC is too slow

By muyiwaa ·
Hi there, I have a pentium III, a 19.5Gb HDisk with 12.5Gb free, and 128mb RAM.I am currently running Win2000 Professional.But my system is just too slow.I have removed most programs,run antispyware and antivirus but no change.Everytime i check system information it says i have about 25mb free.Also from time to time i get a message saying i'm running on low virtual memory.
Pls tell me what to do to rectify this problem.

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by Sue T In reply to My PC is too slow

I would put more memory in and increase to at least 256mb. You could also increase virtual memory which should help with that message

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by dmiles In reply to My PC is too slow

Slow Computer can be speeded up some with marginal gain by doing generalmaintenance which deleting all uneccessary files,defragmenting the hard drive

Virtual Memeory is getting low possibly when you are multitasking and with 128mb memory does not allow processes to go as fast

The other option would be to upgrade the memory,to which you will see some small gain not much,or you could try upgrading the processor which you did not mentionand has an effect on processing speed.
Donot look or expect any large gains by doing maintenence or upgrades

Look other post in TR pertaining to slow computers
to check other responses from members

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by FreeTechie In reply to My PC is too slow

Clear out your Temp Directories

Clear you IE Cache
Go into C:\Program Files and delete the unwanted programs as when you uninstall it sometimes leaves files behind.

Go to and search for
JV16 Powertools

Install the first three and run them. Scan for adware and spyware with Spybot and Ad-Aware. Then immunize with Spywareblaster.

Use JV16 Powertools to do a Registry Cleaner and fix all found items and restart.

Install Hijackthis and do a scan. There will be items that automatically startup. Some that you do not need, do research on each before you check for removal.

Go to
Download PageDefrag to defrag your pagefile
Download Contig from there also, extract to a folder. Then download from
Power Defragmenter and extract in the same folder, and run.

You should be okay then.

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by FreeTechie In reply to

The dudes a punk who says he'll give 499 points but gives no rating to 13 posts...

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by B_Pope In reply to My PC is too slow

More memory 1st priority!!

Since you have a PIII, your still running SDRAM so go get yourself a brand new 512MB stick (buy a good brand name like Corsair or Kingston) & toss that puppy in. You'll need to check your motherboard specs to see which memory you should be using, if you don't have a manual or know the MB mfg, download Everest home edition, it'll tell you all about your PC.

Put the new stick of RAM in the 1st mem slot & put the 128MB you already have in the 2nd slot, if!! you can't boot or start getting errors BSOD or anything out of the ordinary happening yank the 128MB it likey isn't compatible with the new 512MB RAM.

Virtual memory, well you really don't want to use it, you want your system using the installed memory first because it's faster, however by upgrading the RAM alone it won't 100% solve the problem. You need to do two things, I'll suggest a couple other things also but there up to you whether you do them or not, there simple & will make your memory work for you......

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by B_Pope In reply to

The 1st is to stop 2000 from paging out drivers & system code to the swap file, this requires going into the registry.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
Look for the DisablePagingExecutive option. By default, it is set to 0.
Double-click on it and change its value to 1. Then close Registry Editor and reboot your computer.

The 2nd is to change the virtual memory size, I prefer a permanent fixed size of 500MB, 600MB or 700MB & all work perfectly on my PIII 800MHz system as well as my other PC's.
To change virtual memory go to System properties, Advanced Tab, click on Performance Options & then the Change button.
Now to make a the virtual memory a permanent fixed size make sure the Initial size & Maximum size boxes are the same, then click on Set. To make it semi-permanent make the Initial size box a smaller number than the Maximum size box. When done reboot.
My 3rd suggestion is getting a copy of Diskeeper 9 the current version I believe, it's a far superior defragmentor than the lite version of Diskeeper included with Windows, if you get it read through the help section.

4th suggestion is to eliminate all the services Windows loads (Start, Admin Tools, Services) that you don't need, on a typical 2000 Pro install I disable or change to manual 28 services which frees up well over 75MB of RAM.
Here's the services list, even though it's for XP it still works & is basically the same as 2000's

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by w2ktechman In reply to My PC is too slow

Windows 2000 uses (just for the OS) 108 MB of RAM if it is available. The first answer is correct. More RAM is needed for the system to function well.
Other 'smaller' aides would be to Defragment your HDD, remove temp files, and clean it up a bit.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My PC is too slow

Just remember that if you have a Sub 1 GHZ P111 CPU you can not go any faster than 1 GHZ on that M'Board. The P111's that where above 1 GHZ had a different core and required a different chip set M'Board to work. If you fit one of these CPU's to the M'Board you'll kill it almost immediately. Generally speaking they don't last the first few seconds if that.

As for making it faster you can increase the RAM from experience 512 MEG seems the best and as others have suggested run Defrag a lot so that the HDD isn't spending most of its time hunting all over the drive for the data to load and if your M'Board supports it change the HDD to an ATA 100/150 MHZ drive with as much Cache as you can get on the Drive.

But even that will only be a marginal improvement short of upgrading to a much higher speed P4 and a lot more memory and High Speed Drives with lots of Cache on them.


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by olalenny In reply to My PC is too slow

step 1:

press f8 to start your pc in safe mode ,click the internet explorer icon and go to tools menu and then internet options,and delete temporary internet files and cookies.

Step 2:go to start ,all programs,accessories,system tools,and then disk defragmenter and analyse.After the analysis if your hard drive requires defragmentation then run then defragmentation process.

step 3:
go to run ,and type chkdsk /f,the pc will ask to check the disk after you restart it ,choose that option and restart.

i hope this will work for you .Good luck!!!!!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to My PC is too slow

got spyware?
if you up your ram to 512 you will see a big difference, imho
meanwhile, set your swap file to zero, reboot, say ok to the warning you have no swap file and defrag. then change your swap file back to 'let windows manage it' and see if you speed up any.

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