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    My PC keeps freezing and it restarts with a blue screen


    by detusai ·


    Hi! I am new here and I really need help.

    I recently bought a new computer but has older specs since I don’t have enough money. I had to since I needed it for work and would have slowly upgraded the parts in time.

    My current specs are an i5 6th gen with 8gb RAM and a 120GB SSD and a slave drive of 500GB HDD.

    I’m not expecting it to be really fast of course, but just enough to run decently for work. However, since I got this, I had experienced this crashing for about four times now with a blue screen that tells me that it has to restart it. When it does, it doesn’t boot right away, so I have to restart it again for it to do so. When the computer starts, its fine, but when I try to open some apps, it takes time as the app freezes like let’s say Skype before it opens completely. When I try to use a browser, it also take time to work properly and when it does it runs fine, but later on, freezes again.

    The one who sold it to me says it may be a RAM issue so I opened my system unit and took out the RAM and put it back in again. It didn’t crash as much but still freezes, and today it crashed again with a blue screen. I am at my wit’s end and I wanted to return the computer because I think it is more of a hassle and will just try and see if there is a way for me to just buy a better one at another shop. However, if there is a way to fix this, or what please tell me. I really can’t understand why it keeps freezing and if I might have been sold a faulty machine. Though the guy is willing to work with me on this and said that he will take the machine and observe it and see if there is any fix he can do.

    Would it be a good idea to ask for a refund? I am not really that techie but at least I have a basic understanding on how computers work. I am expecting it to run decently with the current specs it has or is it really that old that is why it is not running properly? I would really appreciate your opinions and advice on this. Thanks!

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      Re: crashes

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to My PC keeps freezing and it restarts with a blue screen

      The laptop I’m writing this is from 2012, has a second generation i5 and 4 GB of RAM and an SSD and works perfectly fine.
      The SSD can only be a problem if more than 110 GB of the 120 GB is used.

      It’s a pity you didn’t note the error codes (like 0x0000007B or so). Sometimes they help to find the cause.

      Anyway, I’d ask for a refund.

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        by detusai ·

        In reply to Re: crashes

        Thanks for responding! Yeah, I should have remembered to note them. So far from the two pics I took, the first one said Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED and the second one STOP CODE: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT.

        Yes, I have people I know with older PCs that work great so this shouldn’t be an issue. I guess you’re right, I should ask for a refund. This is more hassle than what it’s worth.

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