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My Pc kept saying: "CMOS Settings Wrong"

By aspowell20 ·
Each time I bootup my Pentium III - 433MHz Pc, it displays the following message:


CMOS Settings Wrong

Press F1 to Run Setup
Press F2 to load default values and continue"

Initially, I thought that it was the CMOS Battery that was weak so I changed it. But still, the messgae comes up each time I powered the system. I have to run the setup everytime to use the computer. The setup has refused to save the settings.

Please, how can this problem be rectified?


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by TheChas In reply to My Pc kept saying: "CMOS ...

Are you saying that when you go back into CMOS setup, that the setting changes you made have not been saved?

If so, a possible cause is that the CMOS backup battery is not making good contact with the holder.

Use a pink or white pencil eraser and carefully clean both the battery and the contacts.
Make sure that the contact that goes over the top of the battery presses firmly against the battery.

If the problem is just that you continue to get a CMOS setting error, I have a few suggestions:

Replace, or change the connection of any fans that are plugged into the motherboard.
Sometimes the fan motor generates noise and can cause problems on the data buses on the motherboard.

Do you have a separate drive controller card that does not have any drives connected, or a SCSI card with no devices?
Either can generate a POST error with some BIOSes.


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by Juergen Hartl In reply to My Pc kept saying: "CMOS ...

Some Motherboards have a BiIOS write-protect jumper - check the manual.

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