my pc requres recovery

By thakre.avinash ·
my pc start my document at a stratup

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? the question being

by rob mekel In reply to my pc requres recovery

Ahum ... and the question is?

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assuming some kind of major error

by pedro52 In reply to ?:| the question being

As the title suggests, if the system is not doing what you want, go to System Tools, under Accessories, and select System Restore. Select a date prior to the problem first appearing, and restore to that date. To check if your system seems to have a virus, scan your system with an antivirus program of your choosing. Google the results it gives you assuming it finds anything relating to a virus, worm, or malware. Then see if there is a fix for it anywhere on the net. There is a new virus going around called Kolloh or Kollah and extensions on that title of "fr" or "zbot". A friend of mine has this virus and at this stage, no answers are available as to how to fix it. Keep your antivirus program up to date.
All the best.

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by rob mekel In reply to assuming some kind of maj ...

Oh now I get it ... this is a answer to the original question ... at least what that question could have been.

I suppose that could be his/her issue. Very clear it ain't to me (the original)

Wish your friend all the best in fighting off that virus. Must be a **** of a thing if there are no answers available.
Mmm, come to think of it ... they (anti-virus software) can detect the virus?

If they can ... then the cure can't wait for long to be available. :)

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Perhaps when you yourself 'recover' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to my pc requres recovery

You might be able to string together a lot more than 12 words, maybe even coherently.

That would be nice. :)

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Well ... to some of us

by rob mekel In reply to Perhaps when you yourself ...

English isn't our native language .. not even 2nd or 3th so cut the guy some slack.

Btw ... there are more ppl who speak native Spanish, Chinese or Hindu then there are whose native language is English.
And yes I count the dialects of the different languages in there too.

In this case ... there isn't any question ... just some info. I can imagen the question behind it but ... that still is guessing .. hence my question for the guy.

It would be nice for him ... if he got is act together ... so in that you're right. :)

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