My Pc will reboot or restart after loading the windows loading screen

By sha2man ·
hey man, first my pc is working properly, then i turn off cuase its already late at night, then in the mornng i turn it on, then this something happens, after my pc loads the windows loading screen it will automatically restart or reboot, how do i fix this prob anyway.. i tried already the safe mode.. but still it didnt work, help me please to fix this problem... tanks

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Do you see any error messages?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My Pc will reboot or rest ...

If no error messages, it may be heat related. Are the fans spinning? Does it have enough power to get everything started up? What else is plugged into the same outlet?

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NO error messages

by sha2man In reply to Do you see any error mess ...

theres no error related message,, but unfortunately when i go safe mode nothing happens also,it will only display lots of some random words..cant totaly explain it

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The words are not Random

by OH Smeg In reply to NO error messages

When you boot into Safe Mode those words scrolling up the screen are what has just been loaded. Try pushing down the Pause Key and read what the System is doing.

Ideally if you can catch the last device that was installed or was attempting to be installed that would be a starting point.

OH to start the system up again after pressing the Pause Kay you just need to push the Escape Key.


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In every case of this that I have ever seen

by OH Smeg In reply to My Pc will reboot or rest ...

It was a Hardware Issue.

Get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD available to download free here

Test your hardware and if there is nothing wrong replace the Power Supply. If you find an issue replace the faulty component.

Failing that if you don't want to do it yourself take it to a Computer Specialist for repair.


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