my pc wont boot

By netadworks ·
my power supply got short & I had to replace it.Now my pc wont boot. I tried booting using a boot disk which I bought from e-bay. It started booting but when I give the command "setup.exe", it says not reading disc C. Is my hard drive damaged? I cannot find my windows xp home cd (looks like I have lost it) What can I do?

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It could mean your harddrive is bad....

by monkapotomus91 In reply to my pc wont boot

That could mean your hard drive is bad, or it could also mean that your mother board is bad...lately i've seen a lot of 'cheaper' computers go down in a year or so from powersupplies going bad which also took the mother boards out with them...try putting your hard drive in another computer to see if it boots or you can see it whatever. If you can then i would suggest so you can get a new motherboard

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Windows XP boot disk?

by pcrx_greg In reply to my pc wont boot

Generally a floppy disk will not enable booting to a Windows XP hard drive unless the drive was formatted in FAT32. If the disk is booting to a command prompt, you can use "fdisk" to determine the status of your partitions and if they are formatted in NTFS. You can get another Windows XP CD from "" or Tigerdirect for $90 to $105 plus shipping.

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Could Help

by jinteik In reply to Windows XP boot disk?

Maybe i am right, maybe i am wrong, but i dont really know where you are from,

usually PSU(power supply unit), mobo (motherboard) and hard disk are the items that can crash in a computer.

if your pc has been hit by thunder/lightning, most of the tiem it will be the PSU and mobo that will die.

as for hard disk, check if the hard disk sounds like a motorboat.if it does sounds like it, it is a bout tiem you chaneg your hard disk..BUT SOME HARD DISK brands dont have this type of sound and dies suddenly without giving warning.

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does it show up (get detected) in BIOS

by sgt_shultz In reply to my pc wont boot

see if it shows up in your BIOS (or you might be able to see it get 'enumerated' by the BIOS during the black screen at computer power up. is it the only hard drive in your system?

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by Kiltie In reply to my pc wont boot

One thing to try, if you can download and burn a CD elsewhere, and boot from a CD is to try a LiveCD.

Puppy Linux is only around 60MB and will install to a Thumb drive too.

The advantage of this method is that you can boot with the HARD DRIVE DISCONNECTED, it runs entirely in RAM from the CD. This will tell you if your HD and/or OS is the cause and eliminate the motherboard/rest of the computer as the cause.

If that method tells you that the HD/OS is suspect, burn a copy of Ultimate Boot CD

This has diagnostic utilities that can test the rest of your system out, hence you can quickly pinpoint a probably cause.

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HDD Error?

by darems In reply to my pc wont boot

Hey there, I don't know if you got your computer boot problem figured out, but I just wanted to send you a quick message regarding your hard drive. I don't really know if this is your problem or not, based on what I saw -- but I JUST had a hard drive fail on me and literally almost cried because I had 5 years worth of photos, work info, music, etc -- on that drive. I was able to recover it all using a recovery tool. If you haven't already reformatted or replaced your HDD and have important docs on it, I would suggest getting a partition recovery tool and try and restore that drive as it is... my guess is that your masterboot drive got corrupted somehow. I don't know though -- if it was a power surge, it could certainly be more than just that. If you still want help, I'd be willing to give you a couple of suggestions. You can email me at if you'd like. Have a great day.

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