My ping has random super high spikes on pc. how can I fix this?

By hunterajb ·
Not too long ago I started to get a really high ping in online games out of nowhere (like around 100-1000ms) which made pings unplayable so I stopped playing. The strange thing is it seems to only be in a select few games (ones not on steam) which is very strange. I have tried every solution out there to no success. When I ping in my cmd I sometimes get numbers as high as 1000 and random spikes to 100 (consistent with what I was getting in games) however most of the time its a consistent 10 to 20 ms. is there any way I can diagnose this and find then fix the problem?
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Re: ping

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to My ping has random super ...

The time ping reports is the time spent outside of your house (from the modem via your ISP to the site and back again). You can't influence that. Contact your ISP to see what they say.

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Kees (again) is spot on.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My ping has random super ...

But you didn't share much about your setup.

For example we always test with the router's WiFi turned off and a hard line (Ethernet) with only one user to see if there's some other device interfering.
If there is a modem and a router we try it with just the modem, the PC and the Ethernet from PC to the modem.

Have you completed such testing?

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