My power supply is wrong?

By dancho126 ·
i have 500W power supply and i try to connect to the my hard drive (4 pin power connecter) but when i connect the power supply does not start. when i unplug power connecter from the hard drive, power starts up.
can anyone tell me what is going on?

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how many hard drives you got?

by CG IT In reply to My power supply is wrong?

sounds like a short somewhere in the hard drive.

if you have more than one HDD, unplug the power from other one, plug in this one and see if you POST. If the computer doesn't start, bad drive.

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I have th same problem

by manasye In reply to how many hard drives you ...

I have the same problem with u, if i plug the hdd cable power, the pc will suddenly turn off and can not be turn on again, so i have to unplug the hdd power, unplug the power supply and turn it on again, if i dont plug the hdd power the pc will turn on with no problem, i have changed my power supply and still have the same problem

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Wired Wrong?

by TheChas In reply to My power supply is wrong?

Check the drive connector to make sure that the wires are in the correct order.

It should be pin 1, Yellow, Black Black, Red for pin 4.

It is also possible that you have a dead hard drive that is shorting out one of the power supplies.


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