My printer doesnt print from network pcs, but prints fine from local pc

By Beano43 ·

Sitting with a printing problem here. I have a HP 2600n connected to a pc on my network through USB and is shared to 3 other pc's, it prints fine from the local pc, but if i try print from the other 3 it does nothin. The print job appears but does nothin, if i restart the machine it prints that page when windows starts up, and then nothing again after that! would any one have a few pointers for me?

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Printer issue

by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to My printer doesnt print f ...

I would double check and confirm that all of the workstations are in the same domain or workgroup.

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printer issue

by Beano43 In reply to Printer issue

ya they are all in the same domain, all the users are part of the same group too, with the same permisions and all

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Printer Setup

by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to printer issue

Okay well if you are on a domain i have to ask this.

do you have the printer set up with a print queue on a server or is the printer shared completely from the one machine. I'm going to figure it is shared so i'll suggust this.

Remove the printers from the other machines and readd them by using the \\"computername"\"printerShareName" under the add new printer wizard.

Give that a try i know sometimes when i make changes to my domain at my house i have to go around and readd the printers but i'm messing with subnets, router configs, server changes regarding DHCP scopes and ip configurations.

Let me know if it works.

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printer issue

by Beano43 In reply to Printer Setup

Ya its shared from a pc, dont hav a print server setup. Ya thats how i been addin em, \\"pcname" also tried \\"ipaddress" but same thing, i rate there is somethin wrong with the pcs print spooler service! but the pc i had to redo is goin back today so il stick the printer back on there and hopefully it doesnt give me any grief! thanks for the help in the meantime dude

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printer issue

by Beano43 In reply to printer issue

ok wel jus put the pc i redid back in, and now its doin the same thing on there, suppose that rules out a spooler problem! tried different drivers and stil same story. getting very weird now

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