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My printer still doesn't work

By philz6969 ·
I've tried changing my printer setting to black & white the page came out blank.I also tried changing it to grey scale but it also came out blank.But when i change it back to color it prints out all colors but black, its a new black cartride and is a cannon cartride.I tried printing a nozzle pattern all colors came out and looked good but black didnt im not sure if black was supposed to come out or not.
The print head alingment also doesn't print out at all when when i check it .I also tried the deep head cleaning and normal cleaning process this also didnt help.
my printer serial #FAAS 61403 i have 1 black cartride, and 3 separate color cartridges.
thank you for your help i'm not sure what i need to do. If it is my printer head how much does it cost and where can i get it?

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by TheChas In reply to My printer still doesn't ...

Yes, black should print as part of the nozzle check.

It does sound like a clogged print head.

You will need to check with Canon to find the nearest authorized service center.

Expect to spend between $50 and $100 US for a new print head.


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by fred07 In reply to My printer still doesn't ...


Remove black cartridge and tap ink end GENTLY onto a sheet of paper with a protective backing such as a rag.

A small amount of ink should "spot" on the paper

A harder tap should result in a larger blotch

If the blotches appear

Check the air input " small opening" on the top of the cartridge

no air in no ink out

If no blotch

You have a bad cartridge


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by dmishos In reply to My printer still doesn't ...

I've seen this problem before it sounds like the print head has gone bad, no matter how new your print cartridge is if your print head is bad you won't print! It might need to be replaced.

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by wlbowers In reply to My printer still doesn't ...

Just remember one thing. If your printer was an inexpensive one the service fees might justify the purchase on a new printer.

Most of the inkjets have fixed print nozzels. To clean them the service utility tells the printer to spit out the maximun ink droplet size. What they are trying to do is force enough ink past the jam to allow the carrier that is in the ink to disolve the dried ink that is causing the jamb.

Sometimes this works sometimes it doesn't. The service center removes the heads and tries to soak them first in solvent. If this works great if not they have to replace the nozzle assembly.

This cost for cleaning averages $80.00 to $100.00 depending on the printer.

If you figure that you can get a great inkjet for $90.00 to $150.00 With new ink cartridges, the lower end of the market becomes throw away's.

I would buy a generic black cartridge ($5.00) and run the cleaning utility till that cartridge runs out or the unit starts printing.

If it starts printing replace it with a vendors cartridge. If it don't then you have to decide whether to toss it or fix it.

Good Luck Lee

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