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My problem = only have admin accounts

By patrick.beach ·
I set up an xp box six months ago and created an admin account but no regular user accounts. (It's, of course, set up without a password, since if you're going to be dumb on on level, why not go for broke?) What I'd like to do is to repent and set up a regular user account, install passwords, etc. My question is how to transfer or make accessible all the programs, data, etc., I have created as an admin and make it accessible to my new user account. Or can I create another admin account and switch the type of the first one to be a regular user. Thanks.

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You can do this

by cmiller5400 In reply to My problem = only have ad ...

Just create a new account and do a profile copy in System Properties/Advanced/user Profiles. Select the profile you want to copy from and click copy to and select the folder of the new user account "c:\documents and settings\username" Make sure that you are not logged in as the user that you wish to either copy to or from. (this may mean setting up another temporary administrator account then deleting or disabling it.) Then log into each account and change the password. !!!!!!!ONE WORD OF CAUTION!!!!!!! If you use NTFS and EFS, make sure that you DO NOT reset any of the users passwords from the users/groups mmc snap-in. They will loose their EFS encrypted files!! Change the password logged in as the user instead.

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Thanks, but still some holes in my abilities

by patrick.beach In reply to You can do this

Thank you for your reply. I got the profile copied over, but there are (so far) a couple of glitches.

1. I cannot open For some reason, it gets blocked.

2. I cannot open Java Studio Enterprise 8. It gives me an error on runidew.exe. I installed this as an Admin. Would I need to reinstall as a user?

3. I cannot configure IE. It always comes up with a stupid AOL page as a start-up page and I cannot configure anything that persists under Tools/InternetOptions, although it looks like I am.

There is probably more that I am as yet unaware of.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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Could be spyware or virus...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Thanks, but still some ho ...

Download spybot s&d, adaware and avg antivirus. Run all the updates to each program and then boot into safe mode using F8 during startup (right after the bios screen finishes start pressing F8 repedidly until you get a selection screen then choose safe mode)

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Some advice for future use

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My problem = only have ad ...

Someday you will have to rebuild your system (it is a Windows box, so it will happen) to fix something or improve performance, again. When that day comes, or you give up on transfering your profile and decide to reload your software, do the following.

Create an account under a user name as an administrator, load everything that you want, then switch to your regular administrator account and change the level of your normal account from administrator to power user.

Another thing to check if parts of your profile transfer do not work, check the Security Policies to see if anything is needed by your software that is restricted to Administrator only, then just add your user account to that policy - NB the specific account not the group.

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