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My product key is already exist on other computers

By mat_amuse ·
My product key is already exist on other computers
In deed I need only the License Key (COA/KEY) Do I have to pay $149 to Microsoft or anyone can offer me its help?
Please don't talk with me using professional terms; I will be not be able to understand you.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My product key is already ...

If you have brought an Off the shelf system from the likes of Dell, HP or Gateway then they can issue you a new product key.

However if you have brought this system from a Home Builder it sounds as if they have Bulk Loaded the several HDD and placed them into different computers to save themselves time & money. You can check the COA on the side of the case for your product key and make sure that it's the same as the one showing on the System with the use of a utility called Keyfinder available for download here

If the Keys do not match you can use Key Finder to alter your product Key to the one on the COA Certificate Of Authenticity which is a MS product that is stuck on the side of every computer with Genuine Product on it and then activate the Product.

If you do not have a Sticker on the side of the case that tells you you have Windows XP Home/Pro or whatever then you most likely have a Pirate Copy of MS product. If you have recently purchased this system you can contact MS Anti Piracy Hotline and provided that you can help them find the offending seller and let them prosecute them for Piracy they may be willing to issue a new Product Key.

If you didn't get an MS CD's with the computer then you most likely have Pirate Software installed and this will not just be Windows but most likely everything that is actually installed on the computer. Anyway no matter what the directions on what to do are at the above link.


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