My question is about javascript &/or flashplayer 10.

By cdwright1 ·
Hello. I have an Acer Aspire One notebook. It's Windows Xp Home Edition, Windows version 5.1, service pack 3. It does have system restore, manufacturer installed, but manufacturer tells me that the discs on this little pc are to small to engage that feature. My problem is this; If I try to open a page with active video content, a message appears saying that I either have javascript turned off, or I need to download the latest flashplayer. Now, I went through internet explorer to tools. to security, to custom only to find my javascript is enabled, under active scripting. I Also already have the latest flashplayer; 10 and flashplayer 10 plugin. I've also tried to reboot my computer under the 'last known good configuration that worked'... But to no avail. I'm not a computer geek(Though I wish I was), but I have a moderate understanding. I do have the tendency of dabbling with various advanced options, messing with my registry and so on. I've had this pc for 1 1/2 yrs and already had to run the system and restore discs 3(!!) times, because I'd inadvertantly messed with something I shouldn't have, deleted system files, etc... Since the last "reprogramming" I've changed my startup, and enabled/disabled programs under command prompt msconfig. Could this latest tampering be responsible? What else could it be? I've even run 'Dial-a Fix', by the way.. I don't really want to load those recovery discs again, as I just did that 2 months ago! Oh, and I also have iYogi tech support, but most of the time they are either ineffective- always trying to run system restore first(religiously)and when that fails, they actually have to work! And lately I'm finding that I know more than their geeks, which is scary, because they are supposed to be the professionals. I'm hoping You can give me some ideas, 'cause I'm stumped and iYogi's a waste of my time and aggravation. Thank You, Just for taking the time to read this.

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have you installed

by IC-IT In reply to My question is about java ...

the Java program?

You may need shockwave also.

If you are using Firefox, then you need to add the Firefox Flash plug-in. It is not automatic. You download it first and then install it.

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If you want to see what version of Java you have...

by Ron K. In reply to My question is about java ...

Go to Start\Control Panel and click to open the Java icon. On the General tab there is a button labeled About. Clicking on that shows the version of Java. Version 6 update 18 is the latest. If you don't have the latest version the link IC-IT posted will take you directly to the download for it.

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To test if your Java is working go to the link below.

by Ron K. In reply to My question is about java ...

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