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My Rants....

By j2per ·
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by j2per In reply to My Rants....

<p>I work at a company that does computer support. We recieve so many phone calls a day it's crazy. I say it's crazy because most of the calls are about the simplest issues. My favorite type of call from a customer is the one that says... </p>
<p>"I am having problems with my computer." - customer </p>
<p>" ok, explain what's happening" -us</p>
<p>" Well, my son who <strong>knows a lot about computers</strong> came home from college and said my computer was too slow." -c</p>
<p>"Did he fix it for you?"-u</p>
<p>"Yes he did, but now the internet won't work and I can't get my favorite program to work"-c</p>
<p>" Bring it in and we'll fix it and get your internet running again."-u</p>
<p>I love it when the college kids come home with all of the computer knowledge that they ave gleaned here and there because... It means $$ to my company and I. I think more people should have enough information to make them dangerous.</p>

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"Crashing" my system...

by j2per In reply to My Rants....

<p>I am begining to think we need all band together and education the general populous about computers... I got a call today about how a customer tried "crashing their computer with the disk but couldn't figure it out. I mena really does a restore disk actually "crash" a computer? NO it does not it is called a "restore" disk for a reason. LOL. I feel sorry for these people who talk about it like they know what they are saying. </p>

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