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    My RTX 3070 won’t fit in my PCIE slot! I need some assistance please


    by ms230000751 ·


    So I just bought all the components for my new desktop I’m building but I’m having trouble getting my graphics card to fit completely in the pcie slot as well as sit flush against the computer case…

    I started off doing a bench test and had the motherboard sitting outside of the case and attached everything to it. At this point, the graphics card went fully into the pcie slot no problem and everything booted and worked just fine.

    But then I installed it all in my case everything except my graphics card would seat properly.
    The back I/O panel is perfectly aligned so I don’t think the motherboard is in the incorrect position… but when I try to put in the graphics card, it’s like the metal plate gets stuck on the back of the case where you screw down and secure the pcie IO shield before the card can slide all the way into the pcie slot. I can’t seem to latch the card down when it is inside the case like this.

    This is my gear.

    Motherboard: MSI X570 Godlike
    GPU: Asus Tuff RTX 3070
    Case: Couger Panzer Max-G

    Both the motherboard and the case are EATX form factor and it is very easy to install the motherboard inside the case.

    I am using the standard standoffs that came with the case already pre-installed for the motherboard offset.

    It’s like the card can almost make a full connection, but is just short of making it by a couple of millimeters….

    Out of curiosity, I tried a USB C 4 port expansion PCIe card and it had similar difficulties seating all the way.

    Then I used a M.2 Xpander Card that came with my motherboard and it installed into the pcie slot effortlessly.

    I then swapped the old Radeon Powercolor GPU from my old ATX tower and it installed into the new case and booted with no issue as well…

    I’m not sure why I’m having such trouble with the RTX 3070 here. I’m wondering if I wasn’t pushing it hard enough. But how much pressure is too much pressure?

    What would you guys advise me to do for this issue? I am going to try loosening the screws on my motherboard and wiggling the card in tonight to see how far I get. But I’m not sure what else I can try after that.

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      Usually the backplate but then again.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to My RTX 3070 won’t fit in my PCIE slot! I need some assistance please

      This sounds MECHANICAL. My usual test is to remove the card’s back plate and see if it seats fully. If it does I know where the interference is and can use a sheet metal nibbler to fix it. Yes, there are new builders out that the don’t do such mods but hey, it is a common issue with an easy fix.

      Then again you could change the case if you are not mechanically inclined.

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        RTX 3070 issue also includes the 3060

        by yuppie two ·

        In reply to Usually the backplate but then again.

        I have had exactly the same problem with the RTX 3060. It seems the card needs some firm adjustment when fitting to ensure the screw slots for the back plate align. Then when the back plate is firmly in place the card is still properly aligned in its slots. If not, some bizarre results can occur including what appear to be GPU failures. Of course, one has to get the motherboard exactly aligned on the case frame. In part the mechanical issues are due to the size of the GPU’s. So if you suspect you have GPU issues always release the backplate screws, remove and then replace back in the slots, run, and then if all is OK, screw down the backplates, then run again to check AOK.

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      by ms230000751 ·

      In reply to My RTX 3070 won’t fit in my PCIE slot! I need some assistance please

      So I got it to work – I just had to push a little harder and then once it was in I had to gently lift on the pcie lock with a Spudger to lock the card in. Now everything is working right. Thanks for all your input!

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      Poor case design

      by matt1636653145 ·

      In reply to My RTX 3070 won’t fit in my PCIE slot! I need some assistance please

      I’ve seen this before. I did a build a while ago where I ultimately discovered that the slots on the case were about 3mm too long. I solved the issue by bending the end of the bracket out and reversing the bit that wraps around the screw.

      I wrote a scathing review of that case. I implore you to do the same if you find a discrepancy in measurements.

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      Reply To: My RTX 3070 won’t fit in my PCIE slot! I need some assistance please

      by Johnharper2020 ·

      In reply to My RTX 3070 won’t fit in my PCIE slot! I need some assistance please

      The computer booted to bios, GPU fans and lights came on ,but I’m a little nervous because from the looks of it the right side of pcie is fully seated but then there a slight incline upwards as it gets closer to the pcie. I’ll post pictures later but it’s hard to see with the my-d15 in the way

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