My "s" key is broken?

By venalx3 ·
All of the sudden my "s" key stopped working. Really, I have almost no actual clue as to why such a thing would happen. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L755 and I'm currently using Alt + 115 and Alt + 83 (for s and S) for my s's. (I have windows 7 btw) I've gotten kind of used to it since it's been almost a week since it stopped working, but I'm just sick of not being able to use the s key now.

I have tried taking the key out and cleaning it (using a blowdryer etc.) but that didn't work. I don't have any idea what kind of problem it is (hardware, cleanness; I heard cleanness plays a big role), but if anything it might as well be because the key wasn't clean because I have Hyperhidrosis on my hands and sweat just might could have gone into the key. I'll gladly try to provide more information on it, but going into safe mode, uninstalling the keyboard driver and letting it reinstall, did not work at all.

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Well try a USB Keyboard for a start

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My "s" key is broken?

If the S Key works on that you will need a new Keyboard for your NB. If the S Key doesn't work on an external USB Keyboard you'll need to look at what was changed just before the Key stopped working as the most likely problem.

Incidentally if you can prise the keys off a Modern NB then most likely the keyboard is shot and needs replacing.

Or you could try a Live Linux and see if the S Key works while it's running from a CD. Both a Live Linux and a USB Keyboard is a Hardware Test making sure that the hardware is actually working. You can get a Live Linux from most Cover Disc's on Linux Magazines at your local newsagent or download one from here

http://www.livecdlist .com/

remember to remove the space from between livecdlist and .com for a working link.


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Reponse To Answer

by venalx3 In reply to Well try a USB Keyboard f ...

Thanks. Which one should I download from livecdlist?

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Reponse To Answer

by venalx3 In reply to Well try a USB Keyboard f ...

The only reason I haven't thought of your suggestion of a USB keyboard is because 1. I don't have one 2. I don't want to buy a USB just for some total bs that I could fix with the help of some hardware fix. If the USB keyboard is the last resort I would look to buy one.

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another thing to check is the type of keyboard on your notebook

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My "s" key is broken?

some are simple wire contacts while others have a more physical action like a desktop keyboard. If it's one with a slight mechanical action between the key and the contacts the mechanical action may be stuck due to something falling into the keyboard and catching. If this is the case then it should be easy to clean out by turning upside down and shaking or by removing the key and using tweezers to lift out the offending item.

Another thing would be to check your software key map to see if anything has been pointed elsewhere. I've seen someone go crazy when they accidentally reset their qwerty keyboard to use a Devorak layout and the different key map meant the results didn't match the keys hit.

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