My Samsung 226BW monitor is flickering!

By bitnutty ·
Just got my brand new Samsung 226BW LCD monitor today and was gutted to see a horizontal flicker when plugged into my Toshiba A100-110 lappie (clearly visible with greys and black backgrounds). Called Samsung support - they suggested trying another PC to see if had a flicker - I did and no flicker! Still happening on my Tosh though even after updating graphics drivers etc. Now I don't know whether to just try and exchange the monitor for another one. Anyone have any suggestions? Please?!

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Look at the refresh rates of the Lappie

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Samsung 226BW monitor ...

You may need to lower the settings down to something slower around the 60 Hertz mark from what should be somewhere around the 75 Hertz setting.

You really need to Read the Manual to see at what resolution and refresh rates the Monitor works best at and then set the NB accordingly.

I hope that is of some use to you.


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Had tried refresh rates - and I have pinpointed the problem!

by bitnutty In reply to Look at the refresh rates ...

Thanks Col, Must confess that I tried changing the refresh rates to 70 and 72 and got horrible results. Reverted to 60.

However, I have managed to pinpoint the precise problem... I wanted to perform a test away from my desk and low and behold, no problem. Wow! Put everything back on my desk and no problem. Started plugging cables back into my laptop one by one and found the culprit... the power source of my laptop (Toshiba A100-110)!

Seeing as it's situated pretty close to the VGA port, it stands to reason that this it's causing interference, but obviously unacceptable. I intend writing something quite sharp to Toshiba regarding this issue but also I wouldn't mind knowing if there's a potential way around this problem. Perhaps if I had a better VGA cable rather than the one supplied by Samsung? Perhaps a VGA signal booster if such a thing exists? Stupid question... anyway of converting VGA to digital? ;o)

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You may find a better result with a Shielded VGA Lead

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Had tried refresh rates - ...

Quite a lot of the standard ones don't use the outside shielding as a shield but a common Negative Line so all the Positives are separate and the Negative are all shared on the outside Foil shielding of the lead.

The only way to check this is with a multi meter and look for a direct contact between the main casing of the plug and the middle row of pins if I remember correctly. It's been a long time since I've made one of those cables but I think that you'll find that the middle row of pins are the Neutral ones with the longer Top Row being the Red, Green, Blue Signal cables and the bottom shorter Row being the Vertical & Horizontal Sync and any extra services that are built into the monitor.


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same problem, same cause

by j.marks In reply to Had tried refresh rates - ...

I have just encountered the same problem with hp Compaq 6715b laptop and the same samsung 226bw monitor. Power jack location on the laptop is, yes, you guessed it right next to the vga plug. So when the powers on the monitor flickers.

Did you find a solution? I can not think of one bar dismantling the laptop and sheilding both the plugs. I expect I will encounter the same problem with any monitor attached to this machine... any thoughts?

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my solution

by bitnutty In reply to same problem, same cause

I was worred about that too. I contacted Toshiba and explained the problem. They said it could be repaired and asked me to send them the laptop. However being in France, I was too concerned about customer service to take them up on the offer !!!

In the end however, I did resolve the problem by using a shielded VGA cable as suggested in this thread. I also upped the freq to 75hz. Together this has solved the prob almost completely. So I'm happy.

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The location of the PC is not the issue. Will a shielded VGA cable help?

by jschat1-techrep In reply to my solution

I have the same flicker with my Samsung monitor connected to my HP. Same monitor connected to my wife's Toshiba and there is no issue even with mine still plugged in. I unplugged my HP and with it running on the batteries, no issue. I plugged my PC into an electrical outlet downstairs (very long extension cord) and the flicker is considerably less. It seems that the signal noise is coming through the house circuitry. It seems that my PC is not sending as strong of a signal to the monitor as my wife?s is. Could that be? And if that is the case, is there any chance a shielded VGA cable will help? It seems that the power cord needs to be shielded.
Windows Vista and/or the monitor's driver don't seem to allow me to adjust the refresh rate. It is stuck on 60 but I can adjust it on my wife's PC which is running XP. Should I change the driver?

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It's not so much the driver, but the power of the video "card" itself....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to The location of the PC is ...

Not being able to adjust the refresh rate simply means the video "card" is pushing as much as it's capable of pushing. It is what it is and nothing more. Your video is built in on the motherboard and you're stuck with the cheap crap that HP uses.

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Criticism of HP Not much help

by jschat1-techrep In reply to It's not so much the driv ...

OK. So rather than throw my PC out the window, what options do I have? Can I get a more powerful video card? Interesting thing is that with my wife's Toshiba "pushing" 60, there is no flicker. So why flicker with mine? And how do I eliminate it other than running my PC on its battery when using my Samsung monitor?

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nicely put

same monitor, HP Compaq nx9105 laptop, same problem, same cause.

there is no flicker after unplugging the power cable.

and it is quite frustrating aaarghh

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Me 2

by Aydin H In reply to nicely put

I have got the same problem. although I think the problem can't be the only laptop power supply. But most of the time is. My laptop is HP DV5000 series. Anyone can suggest good shielded VGA cable?

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