My SATA DVD dont work while XP bootable cd inserted

By sunny_k_02 ·

My Computer is AMD SEPMRON (1.9 GHZ, 1MB Ram, 128 nVida 6200 Video Grapic Card, 120 GB HDD{IDE})
Had DVD ROM (IDE) replaced it with LG Super Multi DVD R+/- Drive.

In XP SP3 (preinstalled) it worked fine with the installation of VRAID, but later i needed to reintall XP so when i inserted the CD it wont boot from SATA DVD, it goes to HDD (i set the options as 1st boot CD)

Can any one tell me that how can i enable this Sata in Bios for boot option,

Is this problem due to HDD is IDE and DVD is SATA?

I installed several other PCs that had same LG Supermulti (i Hope they were same SATA not IDE)

I took IDE CD to install from some one else but there is sound problem too in my PC so i just had to reinstall again and again to get accurate driver,

that problem is another question which i will do next

Thank you


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Try IDE emulation or additional driver

by oldbaritone In reply to My SATA DVD dont work whi ...

If your SATA controller has an IDE emulation mode in BIOS, try that. You may be able to get the CD to boot.

If you get as far as "Press F6 to install additional drivers" then press F6 and load the driver disk for your SATA controller as part of the boot process. Older versions of Windows XP may not have full SATA support. This is easily corrected by installing SATA drivers from the manufacturer of the contoller.

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Well a couple of things first up

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My SATA DVD dont work whi ...

I suggest that you edit your original post to remove your E-Mail address. This is a Public Forum and as such you'll get hit with lots of Spam as the Bots that crawl the web pickup your E-Mail Address.

Secondly I very much doubt that this system has 1 MEG of RAM as XP will not work with that amount. 1 Gig Possibly but defiantly not 1 MEG.

While the Make & Model of the M'Board would be nice here try this before going any further. Open the case and plug the SATA Data Cable to Socket 0 or 1 on the M'Board. Some M'Boards do not support Booting from any SATA Device if it is connected to high in the SATA Chain. If you can not read the Silkscreen Printing on the M'Board the Designations are in the User Manual.

Also check the BIOS for the IDE Emulation of the SATA Drives. But I personally still prefer to use IDE Optical Drives and SATA HDD's after all you use the HDD all of the time so the extra speed you get is useful there where as Optical Drives are not used that often and they do not require the faster Connection tot he M'Board anywhere near as much as the HDD does.


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