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my screen flickers whith funny lines on my toshiba

By sonic_the_dude ·
my laptop screen has lines throught it and i plug it in to another monitor it still the same

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plsssssssss help

by sonic_the_dude In reply to my screen flickers whith ...

can some one pls help

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no thats not it

by sonic_the_dude In reply to plsssssssss help

even when i first turn it on the tashiba part is all scrambled it has 8 line throught it that i can see me desktop and the other 8 are like the desktop flickering and doing weird stuff

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You will need to send it in for repair

by Gone Fishing In reply to no thats not it

They may have to replace the screen or Main board.
But from the description you have given it looks like the laptop is faulty.

Sorry to give you the bad news.

Ask how much it will cost first.
Tell them not to do any repairs before they contact you with the price.

Check out the price of a new laptop.

It may be cheaper to buy a new laptop.

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Try changing the screen resolution and refresh rate

by Gone Fishing In reply to my screen flickers whith ...

Try changing the screen resolution and refresh rate

Look for display properties in your control panel
Then settings
Try different screen resolutions
You can also try changing the refresh rate(the speed the screen is changed)
From settings click Advanced
Then Monitor

Look at Monitor type
This should show the Name of the laptop screen

You can also try to get help from the manufacturer of your laptop

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To fix your monitor

by The Scummy One In reply to my screen flickers whith ...

Do not attempt this unless you know how to work on a notebook system. This is meant as a guide, you should never actually do this unless you know what you are doing.

to fix your problem, you may need to get a couple of items. First, an m80 firecracker should do the trick.
Open up the bezel on the notebook and add the m80 behind the screen. The system needs a quick 'shock' to regain its proper color and display configuration.
But before lighting the fuse, you should make sure that the screen is screwed in place with at least 2 of the screws.
The monitor will 'pop out' a little bit. so do not put the bezel back in place yet.

Power up the notebook and enter the BIOS. Now we just need to wait fot the 'pop'
Now, light the fuse and put your ear next to the monitor. You need to know when it 'pops' back on, Since the monitor will likely block almost all of the sound, your ear needs to be close to the display to hear the faint 'pop'.
The moment theat you hear the pop, power off the system, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, and then replace the battery. Power it up and it will be fine!

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