my server 2008 r2 is running slow .any maintenance tips or task to be done

By yathishkumar ·
we have window server 2008 r2 and hp thin clients connected to the server and now the rdp on the thin clients is slow. how to increase the performance of the server and thin clients and also when i checked with the task manager the ram is utlisized with full extent that is we have 2 gb ram for server full 1.98 gb is utilized as show in the graph.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to my server 2008 r2 is runn ...

If I were you, I'd bump the memory up. 2GB for a Win2008 server way too little IMHO since memory is fairly cheap. Bump it up as much as you can (remember a 32 bit OS can only deal with 4GB of memory and all of that will not be available to the OS)

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by yathishkumar In reply to Well...

your suggestion is great. will do that thank you.
and one more can i incerase the pagefile space will it do any change.

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CPU and server role?

by Rob Kuhn In reply to my server 2008 r2 is runn ...

More RAM as 'cmiller5400' already stated would also be my first recommendation.

Out of curiosity what CPU is in the server?

Also, what is the overall server role? In other words you mentioned thin clients and rdp connections. Is this an application server? File/Print server? ???

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by eleobest In reply to CPU and server role?

Your specs is not ideal for a server. Sadly operation have to suffer. Try replacing with higher specs, adding 2gb of memry wont help greatly..

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Server speed

by gurumentality In reply to my server 2008 r2 is runn ...

With the information presented, I agree add more memory. Also, I would check your terminal services connections and make sure there aren't a lot sitting disconnected. I would also run terminal services via Hyper V so it can be managed a little easier. Need to reboot the terminal server, reboot the Hyper V session instead of the entire server.

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by yathishkumar In reply to Server speed

ya its a good suggestion from you.yes the lot sitting has disconnected without logging off the rdp in thin clients.thanks lot.
and also can u please send me some tips for maintaining a server 2008 r2
like the checkdisk,diskfragmentation etc for daily,monthly maintainance of the server.

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