My server (Win03) will not accept a CD.

By ptpkhyh99 ·

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Well you'll have to help us here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My server (Win03) will no ...

What is the server made of?

That is probably the most important thing here as this is not so much a Software Issue as a Hardware Issue. So look at the M'Board, CPU and so on as the possible culprits involved here.

You can do a full Diagnostic with the Ultimate Boot CD to test the hardware but depending on what the M'Board actually is there may be issues there as to what works with it.


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Diag CD? Can't Use CD

by ptpkhyh99 In reply to Well you'll have to help ...

The biggest problem is that I cannot use my CD drive. Not existing drive - can't use any CD drive!! Spare drives do not work either. See original message. MSI board.

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If it is a software/driver issue then

by IC-IT In reply to Diag CD? Can't Use CD

you may be able to boot with the diagnostic CD.

If it is purley hardware then it likely wont work.
Have you removed and reseated the drives cables? tried a different power rail, tried a new cable?
Verified detection in BIOS? Etc.

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No CD.

by ptpkhyh99 In reply to If it is a software/drive ...

The original CD/DVD writer quit after 3 years. Not the problem. A spare CD writer reacted the same way. Not power. Open/closes/lights - OK. With ANY CD in tray, after closing, it reboots and dies. I even tried an old parallel connected CD writer. It did not recognize it. Cable reseated, but not replaced. Same cable untouched for 3 years.....

Floppy works. Network? Machine boots, but I can't log in - says I have to reactivate Win Srv 2003. (Yes, it is a good legal copy that has been working for years.)

Is there a floppy diag in existance?

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Well if you had of looked at the Site

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Diag CD? Can't Use CD

You would have seen that there is a Thumb Drive Version available.

But more importantly where is the list of the Hardware being used?

You know Unimportant things like the M'Board Make/Model and so on.

Even just posting the components used would be a very easy way to identify any Suspect Parts.


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Re-Activate Windows

by Dedlbug In reply to My server (Win03) will no ...

What happens when you get prompted to re-activate Windows? Does it give you the chance to? It should attempt to activate online, then fail and present a number for you to call. (Or something similar to that) Either way, it needs to be re-activated.

Maybe it is a virus that is causing all this? Can you log on locally at all?

Oh Smeg and Bwilmot both suggested to boot from a cd to troubleshoot hardware. Have you tried this yet?

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NO CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ptpkhyh99 In reply to Re-Activate Windows

I appreciate any help, but the board will not accept any CD. Please read original question. NOT CD READ/WRITE EQUIPMENT. Board?

As for re-activating: I try to log in and it accepts that and goes to screen asking if I want to re-active. I click yes ang after about 15 sec., I get a logon screen again. Board? Network gone, too?

How can I check? Load CD on a blank formattet drive? Ideas, please.

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Have you tried it? There is a point to this!

by seanferd In reply to NO CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The folks above want you to use a <i>boot CD</i>. If it is not a hardware peoblem, it should work, as you are booting <i>an entirely separate OS</i>. You want it to reboot after you put in the CD, so the reboot-on-CD-insertion issue you are experiencing poses no problem whatsoever.

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RE: Have you tried it? There is a point to this!

by ptpkhyh99 In reply to Have you tried it? There ...

The point is that THE CD DRIVE WILL NOT WORK!!!! The spare CD drive does not work. It does not matter what CD goes into the drive, it reboots when the tray closes. Same with a spare CD drive. Not drive. NOT DRIVE.

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It SHOULD reboot.

by seanferd In reply to RE: Have you tried it? Th ...

You WANT it to reboot after you put the BOOT CD into the drive.

Since you haven't booted anything but the installed OS, you can't know for sure that the problem is not with Windows.

Now, if you are absolutely positive that it is a hardware problem, but not the drive itself: Your drive controller gas failed - time to buy a new server, system board, or controller.

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