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    My short experience with windows 11

    by larrycleve1 ·

    I decided to try Windows 11 since I had nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

    First the good it almost installed without a problem. At first it got to 71% and froze with an error message. I tried again with administrator privileges and it worked.

    The bad was everything after that. It’s basically a buggy mess. Programs wouldn’t start and windows would randomly appear that couldn’t be removed. The taskbar couldn’t be moved to the side. After 4 hours I reverted back to Windows 10 which was simple.

    At this point I can wait till 2025 when Windows 10 isn’t supported any more.

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      My experience

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to My short experience with windows 11

      I installed Windows 11 on my computer with absolutely no issues. Yes, the interface is different in some ways but I am learning to adjust. I feel it was a good upgrade process. Not much different when I upgraded to Windows 7 which was much different from my previous version of Windows. You should have an open mind and realize there may be a few hiccups along the way that may require updates from Microsoft.

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      Same reports when folk tried to upgrade from older Windows to Windows 10.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to My short experience with windows 11

      Nothing new going on. Upgrading Windows has never gone well for everyone.

      The requirements for such upgrades have shown no relent on having to find drivers, reinstall apps after the update or removing the user’s choice of VPN and antivirus prior to the upgrade.

      -> On top of that, Windows 11 might try to force us to enable TPM (see google.) Which I remain unconvinced there is any security advantage to TPMs.

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