My Slide to Slide Hyperlinks are disappearing in Power Point

By Dave Prior ·
I produce important handover documentation and building manuals in Microsoft Power Point. These power point presentations are large, some 170 slides in total. They work by providing access to hundreds of documents that are accessible via a series of mouse click hyperlink paths (usually 3 or 4).

Up until recently, I've never encountered any problems with this system until all of a sudden last week I noticed that a select few of my slide hyperlinks had simply 'disapeared'. With this I mean that what was a link to 'Slide 47' has changed to 'URL.." with no changes made by myself.

This is extremely frustrating, and very worrying as we as a company have been using this system which I personally designed as a user friendly way of accessing building manuals. It has been widely appreciated by our clients. Does anyone know what could be causing this anomaly? And why only recently?

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