my son used my laptop last night and now over 1/2 of the keys dont work. he

By wbs01879 ·
says that he didnt spill anything on the keyboard, but i'm not sure.I have a Dell Vostro 1000. The keys that do work are `,5,6,-,=,a,s,d,f,g,j,k,l,;,enter,z,x,c,v,m, ",", and .

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sounds to me....

by brian In reply to my son used my laptop las ...

Well, it sounds to me like he may have spilled something in can usually tell if you remove the keyboard and see any residue under it. Another thing is that the keyboard could have just started to die (though seems kinda odd that it would have happened, but...). If you were to boot the computer with a version of linux move (knoppix move) and try to use it to type something in their version of word (open office), see if all the keys work. If so, its a windows issue, if not, keyboard issue. You can also try hooking up a usb keyboard and try typing just to see what happens...

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Just in case...

by TobiF In reply to my son used my laptop las ...

Do a scan for virus/malware.

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Oh sure, kids never lie about stuff like that :)

by robo_dev In reply to my son used my laptop las ...

You need to work on your interrogation techniques: such as asking whether it was coke or pepsi that he spilled on the PC.

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Coke / Pepsi . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Oh sure, kids never lie a ...

the problem with those when they spill
is the Phosphoric Acid corrodes the metal traces in the thin plastic keyboard film
and the traces in the PCB of older keyboards

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Check cable and air out

by Enforcer Drive In reply to my son used my laptop las ...

Try removing the keyboard by unlatching the keyboard cable from the motherboard then re-attaching. If the little fella did spill something try and air it out as much as you can. I had a laptop keyboard that came back to life but it actually took weeks to air out.

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More specifically, you must remove and dissasemble the keyboard

by robo_dev In reply to Check cable and air out

The switch contacts are laid out on a circuit board, and the other half of the switch are the little round carbon buttons on the underside of the rubber membrane that lies beneath the keys themselves.

You must take it apart so that you can wipe down the circuit board, then wash and dry out the back of the rubber membrane.

Just letting it 'dry out' won't work, because moisture trapped between a sheet of rubber and a circuit board is going to stay there, and the issue is the Pepsi that has fouled the tips of the carbon contacts...the sugar syrup has formed an insulator over the carbon contact, causing those keys to malfuction.

If it's only water, then possibly it may recover through evaporation, but I've never seen a kid drink water voluntarily.

Plan B is to just buy a new keyboard.

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Battery out, power off

by oldbaritone In reply to my son used my laptop las ...

Get the batteries out and power unplugged right away, if you think there's any chance of liquid in it.

If power is applied while components are wet, a lot of damage can happen, if it hasn't already.

So pull the plug and yank the batteries, until you're sure it's dry and OK.

And maybe the story was the other way - your son is telling the truth that he didn't spill anything on it - today. Maybe the spill happened a week or two ago, and things have been sizzling ever since...

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by SmartAceW0LF In reply to my son used my laptop las ...

Be sure to check that the numlock key is not on. This will usually be done with a function key.

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