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My Sony Digital camera won't work with new Windows 7, what can I do?

By GloriaHorton ·
When I connect the camera to Windows 7, it says it won't work because Windows 7 and needs 64 Bit driver, which Sony doesn't have. Do I need to go back to XP? Never had problem with it. I paid $900 for the camera and love it. Or can or should I download another version of Windows? Please help!
Thank you,
Gloria Horton

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If Sony doesn't have Drivers for your Model Camera

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Sony Digital camera wo ...

You can Google your Model Camera Windows 7 Software there may be a Universal piece of Software written that covers your Camera but if there isn't you still have some options.

Use XP either in XP Mode if your Version of 7 Supports that option or use the Anytime Upgrade to upgrade your version of 7 to Professional or Ultimate and then use XP Mode.

Or Buy a new Camera.

While it's feasible that you could load XP onto your computer that came with Windows 7 64 Bit you are just as likely to find that you have Unsupported Hardware for XP and parts of your new computer will no longer work if you load XP. You would also need a Unused OEM Copy of XP or a new license for XP unless you have the Professional or Ultimate version of Windows 7 which has a Backward License. The Starter or Home Versions of 7 Do Not have a Backward License.

Or you could keep a XP computer around to use your Sony Camera and then transfer all your pictures to the 7 system when you have downloaded them.


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This might help you....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to My Sony Digital camera wo ...
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Sony Camera

by wjfry55 In reply to My Sony Digital camera wo ...

You dont mention your model number but the software that came with the camera is Picture Motion Browser and that should have a 64 bit driver in it. If you have lost the software disc you can go to put in your model number and then choose software and drivers/win7 and you should be able to download it from there.
hope that helps

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