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my start menu is gone

By heather.smith ·
how can i get my start menu back? i am running windows xp home, my husband says he did nothing but double click it and now its gone. i looked in the trash as well as all the corners of my desktop but it is not there. i thought if i went to the event log i would be able to see what happened, but i could not. when to control pannel, start menu or task bar can't remember, it said it was all right but i still have no start menu or task bar. to shut down i have to cntrl alt del, which by the way does not show exsplorer is even running, and choise to shut down from there.

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by In reply to my start menu is gone

Hello Heather,

You should be able to restart Windows Explorer (and the task bar) like this:

1. CTRL-ALT-DEL (opens Windows Task Manager).
2. File->New Task (Run...)
3. Enter "explorer.exe" without the quotes and click OK.

Does this bring it back for you? Does it stay back after you restart Windows?

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
Advanced pro bono tools and utilities free for personal use

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by heather.smith In reply to

Well, your answer was great! but the originator fixed the problem last night and did not tell me. he said it was in the options menu and it was just a matter of putting a check mark in the problem solved. thanks so much for your responce. 150 points!

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by heather.smith In reply to my start menu is gone

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by onfire37 In reply to my start menu is gone

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